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    I can't take it anymore

    I can't take it anymore. I simply asked where in-person AA meetings are happening, and I got a hostile response. I live in a radically insane liberal area. I should leave. I should go back to Texas. My parents don't want me to, but to be honest, I don't care. This isolation is making me...
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    Jezebel Spirit

    What is a Jezebel spirit to you? It's a vague term. It can mean many things. What are you referring to?
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    Which Would You Find Easier: Baking Christmas Cookies, or Finding a Wife?

    Oh man... don't get me started. This topic is going to get me really depressed.
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    Time to move on.

    I wouldn't take it personally. People are really on edge with this pandemic.
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    The Great Reset, Build Back Better?!

    On paper, these are noble goals to strive for. But I knew in practice that these goals are just a smokescreen. I don't trust them one bit. They don't know how to deliver what is best for people. So in the end, they'll make us all miserable.
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    Planets Align Tomorrow

    This is nothing new. I remember the news about them aligning in 2000, and that it would supposedly trigger thousand mile winds to destroy the world. I don't put much stock in that. This reminds me way too much of that video game Persona 2.
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    Corporate greed

    I take people as they are. They are kind CEOs of large corporations, and there are greedy small business owners. Not saying there aren't greedy CEOs and kind small business owners. But you don't have to have resources to be greedy.
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    In Canada where Restaurant owners are dragged off in handcuffs for breaking COVID mandates.

    It's really scary how easy people are giving up freedom. This has been going on since March, and people think these lockdowns aren't intended to be permanent?
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    You know... I've had similar thoughts. We would be required to get this vaccine to leave our home (aka buy and sell). It's really scary. It's really scary that Christians would so eagerly accept being locked in their own homes for an indefinite period of time. That people would be so eager...
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    This election was stolen

    I just realized this is in the wrong place. Feel free to reject it.
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    This election was stolen

    Even at the beginning of the year, I thought it would be just a silly stupid conspiracy theory. But now I realize there are such sinister things at play. When we were told all along that rioting wouldn't spread the virus, and now we have our state department saying that even a small outdoor...
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    Who will Win

    Even at the beginning of this year, I'd dismiss the voter fraud as a joke. But now, after the rioting and endless lockdowns with no end in sight, I'm starting to believe there might be truth to it.
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    I drank too much

    You are welcome to make a joke. I deserve it for my lack of courage.
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    Who will Win

    I feel like America has crossed a line and it's too late. That it's only inevitable that we will see the end to the country during our lifetimes. That we'll need to start over and rebuild a new country that truly honors God.
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    I drank too much

    You are right about that. I'm sorry. I actually have no memory of making it.
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    I drank too much

    I spoke the truth. I spoke what God told me to speak. But, I did drink too much. I didn't rely enough on the courage for what God wanted. I know I'm not "courageous". But I am honest. I want to find the person I can be "honest" enough for. It's so hard to try to be strong all the time...
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    Trump Outsmarts them again

    It makes me sick! I know Biden is a fraud. I'm tired of being politically correct. I'm tired of people not caring about this endless lockdown. About people destroying families. About destroying jobs. About destroying FUTURES for young children. This whole LOCKDOWN is a fraud from the...
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    2024 Biden's America

    I received this e-mail and I'm sharing it here. --- It was a close election, but in the end, Joe Biden won the 2020 election. I have had so many thought since, and I've had to keep it on the down low, because ever since he won, the world has been a very different place. When he took office...
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    Can a Christian support Biden?

    I've been having a lot of thoughts these days. Can a Christian support Biden? I want to hear what you all think.
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    Why Doesn't Anyone Talk About Believers Dating Unequally Yoked Believers?

    I'll be honest. I have walked away from relationships and not pursued it further because we were on total different sides of issues of handling money. Believe me, I don't do this lightly. But there are some things that would make it very difficult for me to be with someone. I care very much...