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  1. Roh_Chris

    Is Pizza Kosher?

    I read an article on that said pizza was leavened bread. If that be so, is pizza Kosher?
  2. Roh_Chris

    We all have nicknames!

    Another continuation of the "naming" trend taking over this part of the forum. 1/ Do you like to give and receive nicknames? 2/ What have been some of the best and worst nicknames that have been given to you by people? (Some context would help us understand) ---- 1/ I receive nicknames only...
  3. Roh_Chris

    Men - How do you prefer to be called?

    Hey, it is all about gendet equality peeps. Let the men also have their say! Personally, I like to be addressed as Lord Troll McPokerface.
  4. Roh_Chris

    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    A real mummy from the Vatican Museum. Question for Tintin or anyone well-versed in Christian history - why is the Vatican deeply connected with Egyptian history? It is said that some Egyptian architectural designs were also included in the construction of the Sistine Chapel. Is this true? Why...
  5. Roh_Chris

    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    Thank you, Molly! :) I travel for both, fun and work. Even when I travel for work, I have been lucky to get 1-2 days of personal leave to explore the city. :) Here are some pictures. :) This is the Old Cathedral in Brescia. The oldest document regarding this church dates to 11th Century AD...
  6. Roh_Chris

    You'd rather knot get tied up in this thread

    This thread has an hair of freshness to it. A couple of weeks ago, I got into a bit of a tangle. My usual hair stylist suddenly upped the price and decided to charge a pony for a men's haircut. Disappointed with his decision, I stomped off in a huff and went back to my old hair stylist. This guy...
  7. Roh_Chris

    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    Meanwhile in the other side of the world, this just happened... Waffles with whipped cream, maple syrup and mangoes.
  8. Roh_Chris

    I am planning a trip to India

    I have a vacation coming up, so I am thinking of visiting India. Do you guys have any suggestions of things to do/places to visit?
  9. Roh_Chris

    I love my Ozzie brothers and sisters, but...

    I think they live in a crazy country. 16 Pictures That Prove Australia Is the Craziest | TravelTips4Life | Page 16 So, do you guys ride kangaroos in Sydney? We ride elephants and tigers, and we work as snake charmers, so I am wondering whether we share anything in common. :rolleyes: Feel...
  10. Roh_Chris

    Help me settle a debate with Roh_Chris

    It is a rice cooker, Kim. But now you won't get to stir it because I am sending you to your corner. And also because I stole the cooker to cook my favourite chicken biryani.
  11. Roh_Chris

    please answer serious qurstion for women

    Thank you, MissCris for your words of support. To all of us, including myself - Honestly, I find that we sometimes act hostile towards a newcomer. This is the second instance in recent weeks when a newcomer's thread devolved into an argument, the first one being someone who posted about exes...
  12. Roh_Chris

    World Series Picks

    So I googled what this World Series was all about... "The World Series is the annual championship series of Major League Baseball ( MLB) in North America...."
  13. Roh_Chris

    Fitness, fitness, and more fitness!

    Sorry, it's a little crumpled because I did not file it properly. My Body Fat Mass is beyond the optimum range, so my PBF is 21.9%. This is something I have to cut down.
  14. Roh_Chris

    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    I'm back from the short trip to attend my friend's wedding. It was a Hindu wedding, so I cannot post the pictures of the wedding here, because they contain many Hindu rituals and customs. Here is a pic of the stage on which the wedding ceremony took place. Similar to what happens in a...
  15. Roh_Chris

    Personality Types

    I think the extroverted score is a bit inflated. I did this just before going to work, so naturally, I am more pumped up now. The others have been more or less consistent through the past few years, :)
  16. Roh_Chris

    Be Like Bill

    Considering that I go into an ICU at least twice in a month, imagine what would happen if I posted that here every time! So.... kids?
  17. Roh_Chris

    Be Like Bill

    This is very awkward.
  18. Roh_Chris

    Be Like Bill

    But I ask my friends a looooot of questions! :(
  19. Roh_Chris

    It's Everybody's Favorite Time of the Year... Again...

    Taken from my trainer's profile picture on Whatsapp, this will be me on Valentine's Day.
  20. Roh_Chris

    who wants to be my girl?

    Source is here. I suddenly feel emotionally vulnerable. This is going to burn me for a looooooong time........ Edited to add: Officially, India drives on the left side of the road. In reality, we drive on the left, the right and on the centre.