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  1. RedeemedSoul

    Pray for Colton

    Please pray for Colton. Something is going on with him and I’m concerned. Please pray for his salvation.
  2. RedeemedSoul

    Pray for Aiden

    Please keep Aiden in prayer. He says he’s a believer but it appears he’s a non practicing Catholic and hasn’t really been saved.
  3. RedeemedSoul

    Pray for Jadyn

    Pray for Jadyns salvation. He's a very mentally ill transgender man who desperately needs Jesus. Today He was told about Jesus but lashed out.I believe the enemy has a grip on him but Jesus is greater.
  4. RedeemedSoul

    Alistair’s salvation

    Please pray for Alistairs salvation that he would repent and believe in Jesus
  5. RedeemedSoul

    Pray for Michael

    Please pray for Michael. He's a brother in the Lord and a nice guy. Unfortunately he's having a rough time dealing with bullying and rejection by his friends. Please keep him prayer.
  6. RedeemedSoul

    Pray for Anthony

    Please pray for my nephew Anthony I just shared the gospel with him
  7. RedeemedSoul

    Pray for Colton

    I just want to lift up my old friend Colton. I read something he posted about why he doesn’t believe in God. He said he was raised as a Christian and that he prayed to God to stop his adopted parents from abusing him and God never answered him. My heart breaks for him . I wish I knew how to...
  8. RedeemedSoul

    Pray for Amanda Bynes

    pray for her salvation and healing
  9. RedeemedSoul

    Please pray for Noah

    I just want to lift up Noah and pray that the Lord would open his eyes and soften his heart so that he might repent and be saved. That the Lord would raise up witnesses to share the Gospel with him. I never realized how depraved he is but he’s straight up evil.
  10. RedeemedSoul

    Please pray for my grandma

    I just found out my grandma Elia is going to need bladder surgery in a few weeks. Please pray for her healing and salvation. In Jesus Name.
  11. RedeemedSoul

    I need advice

    There's a girl I work with that I sort of have a crush on. We've had small talk here and there joked with each other. I don't if she's saved because we've never discussed it. I would like to get to know her better but I'm nervous about asking her out. I want to be a gentleman about it. Then I...
  12. RedeemedSoul

    Please pray for Noah

    Please pray for Noah's salvation that he would repent and believe in Jesus
  13. RedeemedSoul

    Pray for me

    I do. Lord willing I'm going to church tomorrow to start the new year right. Hopefully I can start going regularly. No need to apologize, my family was another reason why I was feeling lonely and rejected. But God is good and He'll work things out eventually.
  14. RedeemedSoul

    Pray for me

    I wish I could sit down with him but they don't live near me and my sister has pretty much forgotten our brother and I exist . So not much I can do. I'm just leaving them I God's hands and moving on with my life. Whatever happens,happens.
  15. RedeemedSoul

    Pray for me

    No. I was just feeling lonely and hurt because I wanted to make friends at work and no one wanted to. I'm done caring about other people. I'm just going to focus on me.
  16. RedeemedSoul

    Pray for me

    I've been depressed for the last two days. I think I need a therapist. I'm starting to just not care about anything anymore. I've been hurt svd rejected once too many times.
  17. RedeemedSoul

    Please pray for Anthony

    My sister actually told my mom maybe he could go to jail instead of paying the fines. Think about that. Instead of helping her own son , she'd rather see him in jail and before you cast a stone at him ,let me tell you he's a good kid. He's not on the streets causing problems. He's a video game...
  18. RedeemedSoul

    Please pray for Anthony

    in Anthony's case he's the oldest and it's his young brother who's the favorite.
  19. RedeemedSoul

    Please pray for Anthony

    He just turned 18 ,still in school and isn't working. Exactly how is he supposed to pay without his parents help? Parents btw that neglect him . But go on and blame the kid. Everyone always does.
  20. RedeemedSoul

    Please pray for Anthony

    Pray for my nephew Anthony. My sister and her husband have screwed things up for him so much. He has court this week because of his tickets that they didn't pay. I'm hurt and disappointed in them. They've always neglected him and put his brother over him