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    marriage partner for your adult children

    My opinion: The term boyfriend/girlfriend is only a temporary person that most of us encounter on our quest to finding who is right for us.....Yes, the peer pressure to feel like part of the crew is a strong pull but, if something doesn't feel right to someone, they should follow their gut...
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    What is a difficult verse for you to fully understand?

    I know that as we mature, words we read at an earlier time seem to take on a new and deeper meaning but is there anything currently that you may not fully understand now but may in the future? For me currently: At the wedding in Cana when Jesus responded to his mother as, "Woman, what does this...
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    Jesus's sacrifice

    I interpret the crucifixion as Jesus showing us the way. Matthew 16:24-26 English Standard Version (ESV) Take Up Your Cross and Follow Jesus 24 Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. 25 For whoever would save his...
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    Are the Gospels written specifically to Jews only?

    Matthew 23 Paints a good view on this topic
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    We all have heard the term, Baptism by Fire. Baptism by fire is a phrase originating from Europe that describes an employee that is learning something the hard way through a challenge or difficulty. I am curious what others take on this phrase is?
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    Our Lifespan on Earth

    In short, can you see a man's heart? They may seem evil on the outside but only God can see within. Us humans have limitations no matter how much we believe we are all knowing.
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    Encouraging Word

    Waaaaaay Too many to list... At certain times in our lives, certain verses hold such deep meaning and at others, others do the same. All powerful biblical words have the ability to strengthen us when we are at our weakest....THIS is where the power lies. They lead us to God and comfort us all.
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    There has to be some Christians free from this sin!?!

    From the moment we are born, we are always looking for who is the right person for us.. Women are absolutely beautiful appealing creatures that are fully aware of the power they can possess over a man (most men) Women in porn are portrayed as the perfect physical appearance... Attractive in...
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    Waiting and best ways to deal with it?

    No, it was referred to someone who avoids substances but asserts dominance over those who do... Drunk on superior power over them.
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    Is this the most popular Christian Forum?

    Thank you bob in faith.... I redirect the glory to God.... If I say something that helps another, I am just expressing my God given gift....Just speaking my mind
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    What does Jesus's 40 days of fasting mean to you and your life?

    40 days and nights in the desert in 2019 seems impossible with full time jobs but, I am curious what it means to many of you? Is this something that we today are supposed to follow? Describe your interpretation please?
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    Do You Believe Aliens May Exist In The Universe?

    Alien : a: belonging or relating to another person, place, or thing b: relating, belonging, or owing allegiance to another country or government Could an alien by defined to be OUR inner self that is opposed to the will of God? Hmmmmmm! Interesting thought.
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    Can Genesis 3 be interpreted in another way?

    The baffling part is why allow the serpent access to his children?
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    Great forum with members who care and help
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    What do you do on the days you just aren't feeling it?

    Over the past 1 1/2 years, there have been maybe 15 days where I am unsure of what to do...On most days there is motivation from moderate to excited... They are not days where I become double minded and think the long journey was wrong...It is just times where I feel like gray....No bad...
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    Can a man love ONLY ONE woman?

    I believe it 100%. Why? because like you said about Adam and Eve....He searched but when God brought hima suitable helper, he knew she was the right one for him. I feel I am real close to finding the one I am meant to be with. How do I know this? Because I asked myself so REALLY tough...
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    Who here has definitely found the love of there life?

    How do you PM? I am not hitting on you it is just I like talking to like minded people?
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    Who here has definitely found the love of there life?

    I absolutely agree...I hope and pray that if I am blessed with being one with my soulmate that it lasts for years but you are correct, NO ONE knows what the future will bring us. In a way it scares us but also makes life fun and enjoyable. When I was at my lowest and every family member...
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    If'n ya don't work, ya don't eat!

    My mistake, I didn't know she was 5. My apologies
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    Does God want us to choose between law and grace?

    In 2019 It seems impossible follow them all and as I understand them, o break one, you break them all. Have we all not stepped on a bug and killed it? Have we all not lied? I believe the 2 great commandments that Jesus gave are totally doable. "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy...