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    Romans 10:13-15

    Hello. This is the only vid i saw of this sang by lilan moreno heard yrs ago: How will they know unless we tell them?
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    I'd rather fall and land in humility, than soar to heights of arrogance....

    Hi charli, Ah, i see 3 proverbs you got t here. Proverbs is a book i like to return to, and it has much to say on arrogance and pride. I pray the words are really speaking to me and all who read, as it is easy to be proud when we see we are being giving, prayerful, righteous, or what... but God...
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    Musical Artist Name Game

    Is this hard, or is this hard? Since i got in, i could not think or find such artists. or maybe just too tired to think or look... How about Gary V(B)alenciano, Bill Gaither (Gary is a Filipino Christian artist.)
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    Strictly Miscellaneous

    From recent readings: With our God we will gain the victory, and He will trample down our enemies. Ps. 60.12. If a ruler 's anger rises against you, do not leave your post; calmness can lay great errors to rest. Eccl. 10.4 To the ladies out there, someone said It's back! Nov. last year...
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    Strictly Miscellaneous

    Thought to post this in another (long) thread, but i cannot catch reading in there and so just here where the pace is more comfortable=) Consider the following amazing facts: The New Testament records that Jesus appeared publicly 132 times—122 were in the marketplace. Jesus told 52...
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    National Bible Day

    Ah that is so good to hear! Thank you too.
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    Naive, trusting God or just plain stupid?

    I dont think it's being naive or stupid. We all have what if's, doubts, questions, and more questions. I have not much to say.. just to cling to His word, and declare that He is Lord over your thoughts, plans and decisions. Continue to praise Him in song, in spirit and truth. Sometimes- or many...
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    I am just one person! But I can make a positive change in the world.

    Yes, you can, lucy! With God's Spirit in us.
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    Own thought or God's will

    God, we bring levi's request at Your feet, even as we praise You for hearing even before we call. What a wonderful God and Father we have, and we continue to bless Your name!
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    Do I keep this job?

    Hi steph, I'm sorry to hear what ur going through. Let me just say there is a time for everything, and if u will keep looking back and say was it wrong i worked too soon, etc... u may well end up regretting an 'answered prayer.' It may be that the past 2 wks were rather stressful, but i hope u...
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    Thanks for that! I havent been able to explore long enough to do things=).
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    As this is a question on deleting posts, what i havent discovered is how to delete old pm's. As an old member, there are msgs i dont really need and want to remove, and those i want to save when theres something impt i want to retrieve. But it takes so long to return to the old msgs. Can anyone...
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    Pen pals

    Welcome, denise. Hope we get to know you more.
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    National Bible Day

    Duterte OKs law declaring National Bible Day a special working holiday Published January 10, 2019, 7:21 PM By Genalyn Kabiling President Duterte has signed a law declaring every last Monday of January as a special working holiday to observe the National Bible Day [with Senator Manny Pacquiao...
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    If'n ya don't work, ya don't eat!

    Interesting thread, gen. Welcome to cc as well. I have teens now, and while we often have different breakfasts here, not cereal in a box, i still see guys keeping away from the kitchen early in the day, at least after something is prepared. I was pondering recently on being lazy and a sluggard...
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    When Family Attacks

    Kayla, We do have to deal with some people like her some time in life, and i appreciate the other replies as well. While we're there it really is not a comfortable time, but as Deror said 18 If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men. (from Romans 12). Also...
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    I won't last a day without you

    Yes, thankfulness. When i see or hear others 'complaining,' i remember the days when i, too, was so ungrateful complaining in my heart left and right, and wonder how i could have been! Now i remind them, the children... others... we can just be thankful at all times.
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    Favorite Scripture Song?

    Hi sherril, I've been listening to that one for a while too, and can almost sing parts without reading the lines=)
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    Spirituality Healthy families

    Thats very interesting, T. I also say, we havent had tv for years, but do access stuff thru internet, what we deem important, as preachings, news... KDW, a) we pray for each other, and the children; b) i abide in God's word, and sing every chance i got. if i cant, i whistle, as in the kitchen...
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    Lack of Consistency

    I did go thru phases when i did not read regularly. But when i did, i was more flexible. It is good to read early in the day when you can, but i've also found reading and praying before bed good, as it sets the tone for our dreams=). I mean we think of God's words and what He is telling us...