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  1. HalleluYAH

    Describe Yourself in Three Words Only

    Smart and beautiful I get. But "maybe lean" ? :D
  2. HalleluYAH

    Describe Yourself in Three Words Only

    Loved beyond measure.
  3. HalleluYAH

    What's the Difference Between a “True Believer”

    You're only wasting your time if you presume that discussions surrounding your understanding of God are extrinsic in value. When in reality, evangelism, apologetics and evangelism are equally intrinsic in value, and our involvement in these being perhaps even more beneficial to oursevles.
  4. HalleluYAH

    What's the Difference Between a “True Believer”

    "You say you have faith, for you believe that there is one God. Good for you! Even the demons believe this, and they tremble in terror."
  5. HalleluYAH

    "Finding the right one" - MEH... Wrong Question?

    God said "it is not good for man to be alone" HE made it plain. Sure, some are given the gift of celibacy, but alas, I am certainly not such a one. That said, you are 100% correct in that thinking you need find someone is putting carriage before the horse. And while God uses all things for our...
  6. HalleluYAH

    "Finding the right one" - MEH... Wrong Question?

    Most of humanity ask ourselves "is he/she the right one for me?" or "when will I meet the right one?". I believe the mature Christian should be asking "am I the right one for him/her" or "am I ready to be the right one". If we can go into the dating scene, and life in general, asking the...
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    Waiting on the one.

    This is the ultimate truth when it comes to relationships. We need to be centered in our oneness with God in Christ, and only then are we equipped or "whole enough" to love and be loved. God desires for us to see that HE is our provider, lover and friend that is 'closer than a brother'. Once we...
  8. HalleluYAH

    Are there many true Christians to date

    I believe the Holy Spirit will lead His sheep to others of the same fold IF that is where HE wants us. I don't believe we can too easily dismiss the notion that HE brings us believers 'projects' of HIS choosing, who may NOT be a Spirit filled as we. Why? His ways are higher than ours. Many of us...
  9. HalleluYAH

    Can Men and Women Be Platonic Friends?

    Interesting topic. There is no reason why a man and woman can't be platonic friends, provided neither is married, or if married their respective spouses do not object to such friendship. Being friends in Christ is Spiritual in nature, and transcends gender.
  10. HalleluYAH

    Who or what is the rock?

    I am convinced that the definition of the rock is provided in that chapter. It is the Holy Spirit revelation of Jesus as the Messiah. This is the rock the Church is built on.
  11. HalleluYAH

    Seemingly different spouses

    Further thought, is to energize the person. Speak to the good you see them doing, and energize them. Its called energizing the positive. Try it, there is something you can speak to in their life, and put energy on it. See what happens.
  12. HalleluYAH

    Seemingly different spouses

    This is a very thought provoking post. thank you for sharing and initiating. i believe it all comes down to loving the other person, or preferring the other person, over ourselves. If we do this one thing, whenever possible, I believe the outcome is a happy marriage.
  13. HalleluYAH

    Greetings in Christ, New Member Here

    Hi All, been lonely for a bit and thought to open up an account. i do not participate in normal Social Media, besides Strava, but thought and hope this might be a safe place to travel and meet new people. I am saved about 25 years now, and love the LORD very much. Definitely baptized in HIS...
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    Halloween. Is it evil? Should Christians celebrate it?

    This has been a long standing topic for me... I used to believe it was 'evil' along with Christmas trees etc. And then, I started to see and believe that this was short sighted and that Christ has a way of redeeming what the devil meant for evil. Yes, the origins of both are pagan, but the...
  15. HalleluYAH

    Father is waiting, please come home

    Praise the LORD! Good word!