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  1. Dusty59

    Is Baptism in water a work or a command? Is it necessary for salvation?

    Baptistism is not necessary for salvation. the thief on the cross was never baptisted. It is an outward sign of what happen on the inside. As you died to your old ways and life.
  2. Dusty59

    Good Things from "Stay at Home"

    I'll tell you something bad that has happen. on the last service that we had(at Church) not period. our pastor still stream from his house. any way I was suppose to be brought up before the church the next sunday as a candidate for ordination. then if they accepted it I was to be ordain two...
  3. Dusty59

    Could Anyone Please Give Advice About What to Say to Someone Who Has Lost a Child?

    My Brother lost there son thou not a child(28) the love is the same. what they did and don't like for people to say is "I know how you feel" they say that they hate that as no one knows what it feels like till it happens to them. and i personally learn that they don't like for you to talk about...
  4. Dusty59

    yeah been busy this year. how are you doing? nice to see you again also.

    yeah been busy this year. how are you doing? nice to see you again also.
  5. Dusty59

    about twenty years ago. I chatted a lot at an another christian chat room. and my chat name was...

    about twenty years ago. I chatted a lot at an another christian chat room. and my chat name was Living_dust. i chatted there so munch that the hostes(moderators) started calling me Dusty, then the other chatters that came a lot started calling me Dusty. and it sucked. so ever since i have went...
  6. Dusty59

    Just Wanna Praise Him!

    Thank you God for sending your son to this earth that someone like me could know him and you. for the many things you have done in my life and my family. for being real to us. for what has happen for what is happening and for what is going to happen. for the times we have felt thy spirit. for...
  7. Dusty59

    Not By Works

    To all who post before me. Amen,Amen and Amen
  8. Dusty59

    Just Wanna Praise Him!

    Let's Just Praise The Lord T. D. Jakes Praise the Lord, He has done great things for me. Praise the Lord, He gave me the victory. Praise the Lord, He is shelter from the storm. Praise the Lord, He is worthy to be praised . He has brought me a mighty long way, (a mighty long way), He has taught...
  9. Dusty59

    Do you enjoy your singleness?

    I'm 60, and i've never been married. this has become a way of life for me. I don't even think about having a relationship. I believe this is God"s pland for me. I don't know why. maybe it is because I'm to stubborn to have a wife. what ever the reason the Lord consider it the best for me and...
  10. Dusty59

    can you guys post something funny please?

    [An atheist talking to a preacher.] you Christians have a lot of holidays and we atheist have none. the preacher said what do you mean? you atheists have had a holiday for many years. April fools day.
  11. Dusty59

    Thank you so much for that kind remark.

    Thank you so much for that kind remark.
  12. Dusty59

    New Deacon

    I not sure about catholics as I am a baptist. I think this will explain it. Acts 6 King James Version (KJV) 1 And in those days, when the number of the disciples was multiplied, there arose a murmuring of the Grecians against the Hebrews, because their widows were neglected in the daily...
  13. Dusty59

    New Deacon

    I'm sorry everyone one it is march fist not February. and thanks again
  14. Dusty59

    New Deacon

    I am now officially ( after the worship service Sunday morning) " a deacon in training." they'll bring me up before the church on 2/02/2020. we have not nailed down the date of my ordination yet but it should be some time in February. thank you all for your prayers.
  15. Dusty59

    New Deacon

    Monday night 7pm est(November 11) I'll go up before the deacon board. to be questioned. I'm very nerves. please be praying for me. they said i'll be orddaied around the first of the year. thank you all.
  16. Dusty59

    Fasting and praying

    Just a little talk of Jesus