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    Living in a Better Apartment

    I live around people that are seriously nosy. A couple of guys in particular get a gas out of listening to me. I made the mistake of saying some really personal things on the phone to a friend and one of them has given me bold nasty looks ever since. I really need to get out of here. I believe...
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    Ambiguous sins

    So I came across a guy that said that if you want to cast out demons you have to forsake your flesh. That makes sense as that's biblical but he thinks a lot of things are sins. eating junk food "worldly music games movies TV and videos" (noticed he didn't mention books and I have read some...
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    Hi, all. I'm looking for friends in Christ

    I have been Christian for years but, admittedly, did not live as the bible asks. I have rededicated myself and am ready to live according to the word. I am a bit introverted and have isolated myself but I am trying to get out of that. I thought this was a great place to start.