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  1. CedarRose

    What five words describe you?

    Curious Skeptical Imaginative Blunt (sometimes insensitive, but there would always be a point to it) Good sense of humor
  2. CedarRose

    News? Where can I find real news?

    I have switched to watching YouTube podcasters and channels, longform discussions and debates on politics and controversial topics. These are who I follow: Tim Pool (centrist-left leaning independent journalist. His guests are relevant to the current political and cultural war. And there is a...
  3. CedarRose

    Survey Poll: Will you take the Covid 19 Vaccine

    Maybe down the road. Depends. But I wouldn't take it any time soon. There is talk that people won't have much of choice if certain places require travellers to having the vaccine. I would rather have children before getting it, just in case.
  4. CedarRose

    Unpopular Opinions

    Curry smells and tastes bad 😬
  5. CedarRose

    What makes you HAPPY..😊😊

    Summer, being in nature for a hike and taking photographs.
  6. CedarRose

    What are some of your biggest turnoffs?

    Narcissistic Excessive: swearing, laziness, gaming and drinking Weak in character meaning unassertive (doesn't stand up for himself, wife and children) Workaholic
  7. CedarRose

    Literary Classics: Let's Discuss! :)

    Can you elaborate? I don't have a specific list. The above are examples of great thinkers and writers who have influenced generations. It's not exhaustive.
  8. CedarRose

    Can God be called She?

    He doesn't only have masculine attributes. Feminine attributes such as life-giving and nurturing are also found in God.
  9. CedarRose

    Can God be called She?

    God, The Father is an archetypal description. To call Him Father also speaks to His masculine character which can be seen throughout the bible: Strong in character and in force, protector, punisher, wise, a hard rock to lean on, order. Yes, the feminine can also have some of those attributes...
  10. CedarRose


    It shows up as blue? Weird 🤷‍♀️
  11. CedarRose

    Literary Classics: Let's Discuss! :)

    Not sure where else to put this, but I was hoping to make a thread on here to discuss classic literature (Christian and non). Some examples: Dostoevsky, Nietzsche, Jung, Aristotle, Plato, Frankl, Solzhenitsyn, CS Lewis, Tolkien, Bronté, Tolstoy, Dickens, St Augustine, Jordan Peterson, etc...
  12. CedarRose

    The Dreaded 'you're like a sister to me'

    Anyone been 'Sibling Zoned' by a crush? Any ideas to prevent getting zoned?
  13. CedarRose

    If you're stuck at home, what are u doing to pass the time?

    Been hiking, getting outside to fend off cabin fever, watching podcasts & yt, listening to audiobooks. Been diving into Philosophy and Theology.
  14. CedarRose


    Hi all, new here from Canada 🙂