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    Has anyone else been a victim of “Church Hurt”?

    Ironic, I recall the next generation had an episode where baldly says something to the effect of "Society if better off without religious superstitions." or something like that.
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    Why Won't I Vote for Trump?

    since when has anyone been polite to trump? supporters don't count.
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    Has anyone else been a victim of “Church Hurt”?

    regarding aunt and uncle, all I can say is what my mom said, "Talk about majoring on the minors!"
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    Has anyone else been a victim of “Church Hurt”?

    If you mean what I think you mean yes. it all goes back to a "monks cloak" which at the time intended to be a halloween costume, but later turned into a very functional outfit after finding how warm it was. But according to the hip pastor who by the way routinely wears carharts to preach in, who...
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    The Gold Standard should have remained the standard

    fuses, various other electronic components, satellites, it has a few uses, although not on the scale of many other metals.
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    Can people tell you are a Christian?

    Ideally, there should be indicators someone is christian, fruits of the spirit and all that. Won't be definitive though.
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    Just say NO to easter!

    literally every holiday someone says the same thing "it's pagan." christmas, halloween, easter, april fools day, talk like a pirate day, soylent green day. It never ends.
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    Should a Christian watch stand-up comedy

    I saw one the other day... some of them were okay, but there was more dirty jokes than i anticipated, one of the comedians was downright lousy.
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    The Torah is Still Binding and We Must Obey It

    Galations 3:19-20 Why then the law? It was added because of transgressions, until the offspring should come to whom the promise had been made, and it was put in place through angels by an intermediary. Now an intermediary implies more than one, but God is one. The law was made as a rulebook to...
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    Where will he take us?

    everyone knows it's called the illuminati, of course there's another powerful group not so well known.
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    Appropriate church attire

    at that age virtually anything goes.
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    Happy Birthday Magenta

    merry birthday!
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    giving up computer and tv for spring and summer

    I'm also doing this an an example for some other people. part of the lockout thing was to enforce my honesty so the rest of the family wont claim I'm faking it.
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    Population Decline and Low Birth Rates

    it seems wrong because it is wrong.
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    Is Speaking in Tongues still available today?

    There are probably a handful of genuine case, but whole congregations? I have my doubts about it's authenticity.
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    giving up computer and tv for spring and summer

    Pass worded myself out of the computer. This is to free up wasted time on family things project, bible time, as well as putting the curb on temptations that the devil has been having a little too much luck with. My computer time boils down to at work only, So I'll only be online at work and...
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    Is AI running my phone ?

    get a radio?
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    Robert F Kennedy says climate change deniers should be prosecuted

    I'm not a denier, I just don't give a rats ass if it does change.