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New member
Oct 11, 2018
I have been taking it one day at a time. I have been experiencing quite a bit of anxiety lately. I believe it is due to the many demands that are placed on me where I live. I'm not an alcoholic but I'm starting to want to drink more to counteract my problems. I am mentally ill also. I have put in a housing application elsewhere so hopefully something will happen soon. I currently do not have any support from others when it comes to my mental illness so hopefully I will be moving. I use to worship and pray so many hours a day but the family member where I live on most occassions come out the room hollering at me for no reason. After several long months of praying and reading my bible regularly I just feel like is God worthy of any praise first thing in the morning. I'm just tired and have taken all I can take. I'm just ready to move out and far away.


Well-known member
Aug 12, 2018
I remember watching a movie called Gifted Hands and I remember this scene where this boy who used to be so calm had anger issues, and he had gotten a knife due to peer pressure from a bad friend I suppose. Anyway, the main character got mad at some kid (maybe his 'friend') and he stabbed his friend in the stomach, his friend was shocked, his looked at his stomach and there was nothing there, the main character looked at the table and the sharp part was on the table. The main character ran to his house, went in his room and prayed. He said 'God take this anger away from me! I don't want it' and God did took it.