Looking for a good present for my girlfriend

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hey Antony... welcome to CC :) i think that's a very thoughtful gift :) honestly, she'll be flattered. this will improve her hair and make it manageable if that's what she wants. go for it! she'll be thrilled ;)


Senior Member
Feb 21, 2014
First of all, why is this in the suggestions forum? :confused:

Secondly, I wouldn't want a hair brush as a birthday gift... lol


First of all, why is this in the suggestions forum? :confused: Secondly, I wouldn't want a hair brush as a birthday gift... lol
haha i didn't realise that. yeah, isn't suggestions forum about suggestions for the cc site? hmmm... i was a bit ignorant


Depends on her age, how about some perfume, a bunch of red roses.
If she does a lot of writing, a pen engraved with her initials.
Jewellery of some kind.
A night out at cinema and meal maybe.
A leather handbag with matching purse with money in it.

Depends how much you want to spend.

A hair brush sounds kind of practical rather than romantic. :)

The way to a girls heart is usually not via a heated hair brush.


Senior Member
Feb 21, 2014
Be prepared to get dumped if you give her a hairbrush/curler for her birthday... lol
Dec 16, 2012
i think it's a great idea

I've given a hair bush as a gift before. It was a beautiful 50.00 Kevin Murphy brush because the person had thick hair and they were constantly maintaining it. They absolutely loved the gift. A good quality brush will do wonders for them.


Honestly, it depends upon the person. You know your gf better than any of us :). I've gotten a hairbrush as a gift before...I use it all the time! It is my favorite because it gets tangles out without pulling lol. but again, depends upon the lady. She might love it, or she could be offended because she thinks you don't like the way she looks, or thinks she spends too much time on her appearance, etc. etc. etc. Women are strange creatures :p


Senior Member
Mar 13, 2014
It is a practical gift and she will probably appreciate it. In addition, I suggest that you consider giving her a more romantic type of gift. Nice card too. Oh yeah, flowers.

Getting her a hair brush for her birthday is the equivalent to giving a child underwear and socks for their birthday instead of the latest and greatest video game.

On second thought, if you're still together by Christmas you give her the hair brush as a gift.


Senior Member
Dec 8, 2014
My girlfriend has a birthday on March,3.
She is curly-haired and always straighten her curls with a flat iron.
I`m thinking about buying a hair straightening brush for her. What do you think? Is it a good gift?
Here it is https://mystraightener.com/brush-straightener-black-hair/
Why don't you do a like a 20 page Q&A.
Give her 20 random questions as a way to get to know her, and then look at the results.
It'll probably give you a good idea as to what to get her.

It'll also be a good idea to keep it in a file, if you ever get into trouble for doing something you shouldn't you can refer back to it to get out of trouble lol.