Revisit the First and Second Rules for Chat Rooms and Forums

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Senior Member
Dec 13, 2015
Philly, PA, USA
The Rules:
1. Nothing anti-Christian, or inappropriate for a Christian chat room or forum.
Please do not try to register any blasphemous or offensive nicknames. Also please do not engage in any blasphemous, profane, or improper talk, or any talk that is offensive to our Christian community.
Also, please don't post any inappropriate links in your chat profile or in the forums, or in the chat rooms (e.g., links to anti-Christian sites, sites with inappropriate content, sites promoting other religions, cults, or doctrines contrary to the Bible).
Also, photos in chat profiles should be with appropriate clothing and not provocative.
2. No conduct that is offensive or counterproductive to fellowship.
We like to welcome all to Christian Chat, but if anyone is not here for fellowship (or for wanting to know about Christianity), but simply for disrupting fellowship, offending people, whatever, then that person is not welcome.
I'm hoping the mods and admins (or is Rob the only admin, so that's singular?) will take this as an open discussion on theses rules. If I'm mistaken, please educate me as to how I am. I really don't get why this has been allowed to go on for years.

Isn't copy-pasting "sermons" from heretics anti-christian? Isn't it inappropriate? Blasphemous? Profane? Promoting other religions or cults? It's certainly doctrines contrary to the Bible. It's even lies about what the Bible does say. (Straight out lies that cannot be tucked under the heading of the "we just don't see that meaning the same thing" excuse.)

Why is being proselytized for the power of positive thinking/New Age/Word of Faith allowed continuously on here? Because it is about as counterproductive to fellowshipping as I've seen. (And I've been on here long enough to remember the months and months of Saturday is Sabbath, OSAS, KJVOnlyism, Calvinist are evil, and the never ending battle of the End Time beliefs. lol)

What's your thinking? And, yeah, I know you're thinking a lot about this lately. I honestly just don't know what it is you are thinking. So honestly asking. And honestly asking to revisit those first two rules... if for nothing else, for clarity.


Senior Member
Jan 24, 2011
I agree completely with you, Lynn! People are angry and name calling. I had 2 people tell me point blank, when I put up Scriptures and what the Greek said, that “I didn’t have enough faith to be healed.”

That is just wicked and mean! I had this happen back in 1999-2000 when I first got sick with RA. I didn’t know the Bible, or how to exegete properly, and it helped me spiral into a deep depression and away from God - although, of coursed, God did not walk away from me. I shudder to think of other people who are judged, cast out into utter darkness, by this unbiblical judgment.

Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” Romans 8:1

I think of all the newbies, and worse, the huge amount of people world wide, who read this bad theology, and maybe are not even members , and wonder if it is right. Hermeneutics is simple, once you have studied it, but most people do not have that background, I know I didn’t, even though I had been saved 20 years when this came down on me.

So, newbies are coming in, fighting is starting on these threads, and people are leaving CC. It is just that hostile on those threads. And how is a newbie supposed to figure out that those threads are NOT Christian, and NOT Biblical, and then they see the anger, they don’t know who to believe, and they are gone! More “guests” who left because, quite frankly, the BDF needs MORE and BETTER moderation. And if the current mods are too busy with chat, then appoint someone who will come regularly into the BDF, and monitor the threads that are flying, which are usually the controversial ones. Now, some may not be controversial, but these Word Faith/ hypergrace posts, which are just trash, don’t use the Bible, and just ramble on about some, for what seems to me, New Age dream of being gods and perfect healing, which are fights from the first post.

I will say, this whole Word Faith/hypergrace stuff creates weird bed fellows! Several people I was totally against, because of soteriological or eschatological differences, I am now good friends with! Because, even though we interpret those things differently, the basic, building blocks of anthropology, Christiology, Pneumatology are the same. We have more in common, that any of these hypergrace people, who might have the same soteriology as me, or the same eschatology as someone else. I could care less if someone speaks in tongues or doesn’t these days, because many of these people understand the Charismatic Movement and traditional Pentecostalism, and they “get” how deceiving and twisted the whole Word Faith, hypergrace people are.

I literally report some people every post, yet they seem to be immune. I figure perhaps the PTB think it is good to have active, fast moving threads. Yet, when we had the debate about hypergrace a while back, and a sticky was put up, it was agreed that these sorts of threads were to not be happening. Sadly, the edit job on that thread, and all the responses more or less eliminated what it was talking about - that these beliefs are “another gospel.”

Why does CC continue to allow “another gospel” to be posted 2 or more times a week? Nor are these posts even based on the Bible. They are just light weight opinions and ramblings, unsupported by Scripture, or weakly supported, using out of context verses, or in one case, in a thread, a bad Bible translation, from the Greek, which eliminated a vital conjunction.

I do hope the mods will address Lynn’s OP. It is one thing to discuss and see people come to understand why these are such dangerous and evil doctrines. But, the people who are perpetuating these threads, almost never even discuss the Bible. They do not reply back to objections with the Bible, but instead, just put up another copy and paste, or ten!

And please do not say “Put them on ignore.” I did that for months, and what I found, when I went back and opened up an OP or two, was that unChristian and unBiblical anti-God doctrines were just being spewed out on all these copy and pastes.

As for the copy and pastes, really?? If these people actually posted an OP in their own words, or subsequent posts, it might be one thing. But, just constant, one post after another of heretics like Joseph Prince, Paul Ellis, Joel Osteen?? These people don’t even have Bible training. JP pretends he does, I have torn apart every single use of the Greek as being exegetically a total misuse of the word. But, if someone wants to write a post and use Greek, then have at it.

But, these copy and pastes from heretics have got to go!


Senior Member
Dec 13, 2015
Philly, PA, USA
I think it is safe to say who comes on forums most often. How can you market, without knowing who the customers are?

People who are unemployed or under-employed and folks who can't/don't go out much. Basically it boils down to students, retired folks, stay-at-home moms, and disabled people.

Disabled people. There are so many disabled people on this site. What does it say that half of us are being told we just don't have enough faith, while the other half is busy trying to prove if they can pep-rally themselves into having enough faith, the Lord owes them health?

When you're desperate, you'll believe anything. Is the idea here that believing anything is acceptable?