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I want my boyfriend to get involved but he speaks spanish, because he is mexican, is there a way you can make a mexican forum???


Senior Member
Mar 13, 2014
I have been a member for over 4 years and many have suggested that new forums be created for a specific purpose but these suggestions were not acted upon because this site would be literally flooded with a hundred different types of forums, most of which would rarely be used, if at all. I agree that a Spanish forum might be a good idea but don't believe that's ever going to happen. Perhaps you could act as a translator for your boyfriend while he learns English.


ok i understand.


Idiot in Chief
Staff member
Jan 15, 2011
Although this rule is more specific to the chat rooms rather than the forums.

4. English, please.
Please speak mostly English in the chat rooms so that others can understand you. At least please do not dominate the voice/video chat (or text chat) with conversation in another language.

Over the years we really haven't had much traffic from persons who only speak Spanish so I really don't see a specific forum being created for it. Years back we actually had a Spanish room in chat and it was almost never used for that purpose because of the lack of Spanish speakers.

I know over the years we've had a number of users who were not English fluent that successfully utilized Google translate for the purpose of reading and posting (it just takes a bit longer).

I wouldn't gripe if someone were to join and post an occasional thread in Spanish any more than I have griped about some users occasionally posting in Norwegian, Swedish, German, etc.


Perhaps it would not be against the rules of the site to create a Spanish speaking thread but I'm not sure if that's allowed.
I'm doubtful. English, except in designated areas, is the preferred language. Due in part, no doubt, to a need for mods to be able to read what's being said.

And new forums are created based on potential needs. Even if a Mexican forum existed there are few Mexicans on the site. So he wouldn't have anyone to talk with.
Robo purposely keeps the number of forum options minimal as well.


Senior Member
Jul 31, 2013
i speak a little Spanish ((post is part Mexican, did y'all know?)) and if i see posts in that language i would for sure try to read it, and probably try to respond. probably badly lol. but not any worse than if he used a translating tool to try to put what he wants to say into English.