Are there any testimonies out there

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of marriages who were headed straight for divorce that God actually restored and is thriving now? I feel so hopless in my situation and the hurt is mounding up deeper and I just wonder if there is any hope out there? Today is just a really really hard day :( Seems like w every passing day, the hope just fades more and more.


Senior Member
Jun 7, 2011
There is hope my friend. I want you to be assured of this.
Just August of last year, I was absolutely positive that my marriage was ending. As a matter of fact, I packed up my kids and I left. I Left, but i never stopped praying. I had absolutely no vision of a future with my Husband, everything was failing(in my opinion) and I didn't feel like I could Love him the way I was supposed to. This is Where God took over.
In myself, I would have given up. All of a sudden, I began to see change. The very things that were tearing us apart, We began to actually communicate about (over the phone.) Every friend or family member that I turned to, for their advice, hoping secretly that they would encourage me the more to end the relationship, seemed to do the opposite. They prayed for our recovery!
My husband and I, while seperate, began to do the very thing we were neglecting through our hardships. We began Praying TOGETHER.
It was forced and awkward at first. The man whom I complained to the Lord on countless occasions about, now turned around and began to pray like I've never heard him pray before. He began to fix what he could fix on his end, and The Lord truly dealt with my very impatient, harsh response to my husbands inadequacies.
He started me on a road to learn to love unconditionally. He taught me how to help my husband as opposed to leaving him. (There was a great deal of lack because of my husbands upbringing, and a great deal of impatience and intolerance that I learned growing up as well.)
I say this to say. We didnt find healing until we hit rock bottom. It was at our lowest point, where hopelessness set in, that God took over.
We at times are so in control of our own lives, and God is such a gentleman, that he will never impose. But at the moment you give it all to him, He can do "Exceedingly, Abundantly, above all that we could ask or think"
He is able. He doesnt wish our marriages ill. He wants to teach us how to love one another with an unconditional love, like his Son taught us. We can do nothing for God to give up on us. He wants us to do the same with our spouses. You were put together for a reason. I believe the enemy has caused you to forget the reason.
If you would like to talk privately, feel free. Be encouraged today. The darkest hour is just before daybreak.
Feb 16, 2011
My wife and I were seperated for three years out of six years married. Now we are together and doing well. I give God all the credit. My wife would not even talk to me on the phone. Then I prayed and my wife started calling me. God blessed us. At first we only talked a few minutes. I continued to pray and we started talking for hours. This continued about a year. We have been back together since January. My wife said God was the reason she did not divorve me. God is also the reason I did not divorce her. Matthew 5 teaches against divorce. To God be all the glory.


I def don't want a divorce. I know God hates divorce. And I know in the case of adultery, he excuses you from your marriage, but even with that, I dont want a divorce. I know what God has forgiven me of and I extend that forgiveness to my husband. I want my marriage and family restored! More then anything!
So please pray God will heal our marriage as he has done for you all. My husbands heart would be softened and he would find his way back to God so that God can heal us individually as well as a couple. I am going to my pastor for counseling but I just pray for a miracle. Thats what it would take at this point. A God given miracle :(


Senior Member
Jan 21, 2011
I pray that your husband's heart WILL be softened and that he will be committed to fixing your relationship!


Sending you love, angels and peace....


i ca n only say though personal experiance that god is always on time i might not like it but he has never let me down its a promise and god dose not break promises i just need to step out of the way and let him