August, 2007

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Oct 7, 2013
Thanks for the interest in my "Prayer at the Stoplight" write. The following was somewhat like that experience.
This was totally unexpected to me, and also to my family who also experienced it.

It was a Sunday, I think, and late in the day wife got a phone call from youngest daughter. She asked for prayer for
her relative, and ours who lived in another state about a hundred miles distant. I will call her Helen here. She was in
the hospital, and was in sure need of prayer. Wife asked why she was there, but daughter said that what Helen had was personal,
but she needed that prayer. Wife said she would pray, and she would ask me also and that was that. When she told me I told her that sure
I would pray, but not knowing what was wrong with would be a short prayer.

After praying that night, I went to bed about the same time as usual, but about 2 AM, I was awaken by my two dogs who needed to got outside. I let them out, and I was about half asleep. All of a sudden there was like a message for me in my head. Thoughts coming to me. It was something like
the following:

Helen is indeed in the hospital, because she tried to kill herself. I want you to pray for her. You can call your daughter, and she will confirm this.
Then the dogs were back, and I let them in. I collapsed back in bed, and wife looked still asleep. Right away I dreamed, and once again it
was about Helen. A man was there in my dream, and he was sitting down, and he was looking at me. He talked to me. It was something

Helen is indeed in the hospital in very bad shape, so I want you to ask three of the faithful to pray for her. First that she will be healed from
what the suicide attempt did to her, and also pray for her complete salvation in Jesus Christ. That was it.

In the morning I heard wife get up, and I caught her coming out of the bathroom. I told her what happened to me, and then she told me
that she doubted that it was a suicide attempt, but then she thought about it for a minute, and then told me that she supposed it had to be
something like that. She called back daughter that morning who confirmed the suicide attempt. She wanted to know how we knew.

So I asked three of the faithful to pray for Helen, and in couple days or so she got out of the hospital, and began to recover totally.
That year for Thanksgiving she came to our house after getting the story about all this from our daughter. She was devout, and she
was so thankful to the Lord for what he did for her. She loves the Lord now!

It has now been more than 12 years, and Helen is still among the living, and we are told that she has not tried it again.
Praise Jesus!

Also did this help get daughter saved in Jesus? I expect it did. She is now member of a Bible believing church! Thank you to God!

Years ago I posted this story here, but this time I wrote it better, I think. God bless you, reader.
Oct 7, 2013
I forgot to say one thing, and that is when I was told inside my head that Helen was very ill in the hospital because of the
suicide attempt...well, I was also told that it did not have to be that way. Not for her anyway.
I did not want to leave that out.
Oct 7, 2013
I read this again this morning, and I remember one more little detail.
When I was told to pray for Helen's complete recovery in the hospital, and
for her salvation in Jesus Christ, I was also to pray that the enemy be cast out
of her. If the Lord tells you to do something, he will not ask you to do something
evil, only something righteous, because he is righteous. Of course, if he tells you to do something
you had better do it. Thank you for all of this, Jesus!