Deliverance from Grief

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Well-known member
Oct 23, 2018
I had to send my little doggie Binky to his heavenly reward being a great companion, but was feeling bad about the circumstances that kept haunting me. The next day I went out by his grave, next to his brothers', looked up to the sun eyes closed, and said a prayer. I happened to notice a penny (from Heaven) on the ground nearby, which I have always believed was a sign from my dear beautiful daughter up there. We had a thing about pennies when she was here. I picked it up and as I went back, in my spirit I saw these words trinkling down from above:
'Do you think that Binky up here in Heaven having a great time, would want to go back and relive what happened.....then why should you?'. This brought me to tears to realize how much God truly cares and how perfect everything is about Him.
This beautiful message delivered me from looking backwards and assured me that we can truly trust in the Comforter within us!