Existance, Understanding & Proof of God

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Aug 12, 2013
for a fact of just paying attention and not thinking with my own perspectives or someone elses and just seeing life as it is. ...i see and know there is a God and only one. Yet, 3 as 1 God. God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. There is only one God and they are 1. It's not like 1+1+1=3, it is more of 1x1x1=1. And i found that over years of paying attention and keeping an open mind and him showing himself to me in life. Not through my eyes i see with, but to see with my heart spiritually. the first step is willing to believe in such a thing that we dont see or hear. yet, only see and hear signs but dont seem to prove truth to us. But for how people are, how things are, how life is, seeing all that.... only God's word who is God (as the holy bible always was even before earth or humans) , he shows that everything he says is always proven. Whenever we need an answer, it can be found there to the most important ones. if we think about- are we here just to survive then die? or is there a place people go after they die? ...i meditated and was willing to believe and yet... the thing that made it for sure was when i noticed sin, when all the darkness and evil things in life, it showed me there is something different that i couldnt feel in my heart because something was missing, and without it i was always nothing and without it anywhere on earth anything is worth nothing then. And every time i asked these questions, even when i didnt know all my questions kept leading back2 the answers of God. ask yourself, what is life for? if u dont believe there is God, or no afterlife, then why are you willing to be here if there is nothing for you to be here for? all this pain, evil and suffering, if it is all just to do it then whats the point to live? sure, family and love is nice, but if that is all because it exists for no reason, then cant you see how it'd be pointless? but i found, to glorify God, to have something 4ever, he exists.
Sep 10, 2013
I like how you said 1x1x1=1. I always tought that mathematics was more than just a simple science. Galileo Galilei said that mathematics is the language of God. The trinity dogma is hard to understand with logic but in maths also there are axiomas (evident truths that don't need demostrations) and mathematicians must 'crucifie' there logic in order to continue solving problems. There are many evidences of God and yet none 100% clear and precise (which is why we have faith and not certitudes). No person can give a satisfactory answer about where we come from, where we go after death, why are we on this world and so on. I trully believe that it makes more sense to believe in a creator than to believe that all this beautiful and complex world is an accidental happenning. Now, with all what science and technology has provided to us I think we shoul have more faith and more curiosity of knowing the One who is behind all this. Jesus Christ said He is the path, the truth and the life; He is not just another god among anyothers but THE GOD, the only one. The saints were not being mysantropes when saying to those of other religions that Jesus Christ is the truth; they were just being honest. So honest that they even got killed for saying that 2+2=4.