God, I praise you and I thank you.

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Feb 3, 2018
I've learned that not only saying God's words bring us power but applying his words does wonders for our spirit, it is a heavenly honor to be loved by an incredible God & once you truly discover the truth of who he is doors began to open and miracles come raining down from heaven. God's mercy has saved me and blessed me in ways that I am able to help so many people. He will allow your cup to overflow so that you will have enough to give some to others without feeling empty. He is worthy to be praised not because of how wonderful he is but WHO HE IS. I really wish you all knew how AMAZING my life is now and it is because I DESIRE my life to be amazing though it is not perfect I have blessings just because of my faith, desire, and me trusting. I have come along way and I am not doubtful like I used to be, which is a miracle in its self.. doubt is a big hinderance and it will block blessings and deliverances in your life! I have chosen to break free from all worries, troubles, hinderances, and stagnation speaking with a voice of authority and trust that my heavenly father will come to me in my time of need and even when life becomes a distraction he is THERE holding me up and lifting me into the comfort of his perfected arms, I will praise him even in the midst of trouble knowing that he will not leave me or fail me, ALL I HAVE TO DO IS BELIEVE and he will do the rest just like he has done MANY times before.

God showed me THE TRUTH, the truth about everything concerning me and WHO HE IS, who GOD REALLY IS and because of this I have a growing platform, I have listener's and a ministry, he has been sending people too me and I am thankful, he has RESTORED my brokenness and blessed me to be whole in him, he is worthy to be praised and more will be added because it is my desire and in the perfect will of GOD.