God Moments

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Apr 12, 2021
There is a specific moment I remember when God showed me how even in the little details we can find His hand at work.

One morning, as I was driving to church, I remember sitting at the red light of a busy intersection about 5 miles from my home. There was an older man walking and smiling crossing the road in front of me. I noticed he was picking up garbage from the sidewalk and he seemed, oddly, very happy to do so. I was struck about how happy the man was, even laughing a bit, as he bent over to pick up some fast food wrappers and place them into his bag. I thought, maybe this is his service to the Lord, as it was Sunday morning. As I was distracted thinking about this and watching him I hadn't noticed the light had turned green. But it was a good thing I didn't! Someone decided to run the red light in the crossing street! I quickly realized that if I would have gone when I should have I would have been hit by the speeding car running the red light!

I believe that God is always looking out for us. I think this time in my life I was shown one of those moments. I often wonder how many little moments like that we don't realize throughout our daily lives. Since that moment I have tried to remember to make a point in prayer to thank God for all those blessings and the protections He gives us that we might not even be aware of.

God bless you all! And thank God for all the hidden things He does for us!


New member
Mar 25, 2021
Beautiful. While the world would call it coincidence, we know who the glory belongs to. Hallelujah


Hallelujah praise him beautiful story