Praise: Food without

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Senior Member
Aug 15, 2012

A group of guys decided to go give some food out to a stranger.
This is not a pat yourself on the back kind of praise.
This is a wow, how God pitched a curve-ball, kind of praise.
This is how it spun about...

All of us got together after a long time of not connecting as a group.
When we did, we opted to go for a late drive and talk, which quickly
became a site-seeing tour of College Town World (not a real place).

The driver was low on gas, so we drove through CTW until we agreed to fill up.
After the gas was pumped, I asked the guys to come up with a list of challenges to meet before getting back home.
Well, one of these was the "food without" challenge. Simply put, we decided to give food to a stranger.

But the hour, location, temperature, and the randomness made it difficult to give something that was fine to eat.

Well, after some time of not finding someone, we prayed, "Lord, show us someone, lead us to the right conversation."
Thereafter, we headed to Big Box Unlimited (possibly not a real name), and we were lagging in seeing the answer to prayer. But then, just as we were about to leave, someone was approachable and accepted. This was a praise, because they could eat but also because our own faith grew.

Well, from this blessing, we then went on to talk with two more people about Jesus, offering food, and learning some of their story. They had not eaten for over 9 hours. So... they appreciated like we did.

The faith-building is the praise here, not the food giving.
We did the giving for fun, but God gave even More than asked.

Lord, you multiplied the bread then and last night.
We asked for one and you gave multiples.
The disciples lacked faith and so did I.
But you still worked in each situation.
Thanks, in Jesus' name, amen.


Senior Member
Jul 12, 2015
Glory to GOD.


Senior Member
Feb 28, 2016
Amen, Glory to God, and to those that choose to serve Him...