Praise: Relating to the sermon

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Senior Member
Aug 15, 2012
For some reason the holidays are an extreme headache for me. The origin to this pain is a family member.
Few special occasions were not ruined or blemished because of one's antics, and this year has been no different.
Except, there was a message pointedly sent to my heart, while I drove way in disappointment.

"Turn back and Trust. Do it for them, not for your own liking."

So I called and asked to join a service, then arrived on time to find a seat.
And while I was in mid-praise, the person whom I wanted to see sat nearby.
But there was slight acknowledgement... at first.

During portions of the sermon, or messages in between, I was desiring like a son seeking home. I wanted to be closer with this family member. And while it took the majority of our time seated to get there, breakthrough did occur.

The message was about God, as Perfect Parent, calling His children Home.
And after some clips, quips, and reading scripture-- God got a grip of my heart and I silently moved next to the person who has repeatedly caused grief.

Nothing more happening, I just sat there, wanting to somehow be closer.
Then, after the message concluded and the congregation transitioned into song...
before moving to my original posture for praising God, I quickly pitched: "I love you."

However, as if cutting off my chance to be brave,
the same words were shared with me,
along with a smile,
a hug, and a polite gesture to leave the room for unrelated reason.

Just like that...
I experienced a softened heart.
Not only in the one whom I meant to love
but within my own soul, there was a transformation that followed eventual humility.

And yes, we were talked together afterwards.
In fact, we laughed at our differences-- together.
And we praised God together.

Separation is an unbearable feeling at times, especially when love is the motive.
However, I thank you that even where we humans fall short, that you step in.
Like you did in the person of Jesus, you stepped into the great divide of a fallen world...
and you lived as an example and so much more. Thanks, Lord.
But even as You are Enough, I am grateful for those times of harmony here.

Now, for those who have yet to find contentment in Christ, or in circumstance,
please move them to remember Your Great Love and Sacrifice to draw them close to You.

In this case, I moved closer, following your Nudge.
But I have gotten it wrong before and there are times of not accepting the grace afforded to me.
Therefore, help me-- help each of us-- to listen for and obey those godly nudges, those instructions that we should follow.

At the same time, thanks for your mercy.
That you have been patient and understanding of each person.
With Christ's forgiveness in view, help us to also be slow to become angry or bitter.

Whatever the case, Lord, get the Glory.
In Jesus' name, amen.


Senior Member
Feb 28, 2016
very, very, sweet words spoken...a wonderful witness of putting others first,
as Christ Himself, did for us...

we can never 'make' another person do anything truly positive and beneficial,
unless The Holy Spirit has
a hand in the mix...:):)