My Chrome not working w/ Chat rooms

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So I haven't been able to access the christian chat rooms for a few weeks, because when I use chrome it shows the initial Christian chat with the connectingg bar and it keeps shooting across like normal for 10 or so secs before just stopping and just having this Christian Chat (.com!)...

On a side note it just worked for me to enter the chat rooms then once I left same issue. Using another browser isn't really an option because Chrome is the only one that lets me hear people talk clearly the others lag so much for me because of my terrible connection I only catch every other word.

Is there some programs I can uninstall and reinstall? something besides clear cache and cookies and restarting the PC :p


i dont know what advice i can give but my chrome does this too. it sometimes takes a few times before I can get in, but it works eventually .


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Jan 15, 2011
I frequently log in using Chrome without any problem. I think that since you've been having a lot of lag issues with other browsers that your internet speeds are slow. Try logging in using the dialup option, it disables cams, but usually help for those people who have slower internet.


Try clearing all of the settings in chrome.
Press the wrench looking icon under the X in the upper right corner.
Then click history,when the next window pops up click clear all browsing history, select from the begining of time in the drop down box and check all the boxes below.
Then press clear all browsing data.
Close chrome and then restart it and see if that works.


Keep in mind that Chrome uses a different version of Flash than other browsers do, too. There's always potential for certain browsers to experience Flash related problems, while others don't.

Current versions --- : Adobe - Flash Player


Hmm I use chrome all the time, I did get that issue once. Perhaps update Chrome?


Hmm I use chrome all the time, I did get that issue once. Perhaps update Chrome?
Or don't use it. ;) There are a number of options out there. Chrome and Firefox are the big alternatives to IE 9, but you can always check out these:

10 Web Browsers You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Aside from those, there's also Opera, Iron and Comodo (which are variations of Chrome but with enhanced privacy), and Safari, which are some of the other "big" browsers.