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Well-known member
Mar 1, 2019
Happy Birthday Mrs Mailman. A birthday on valentine's day means two presents. Bonus!!!!!!:D(y):coffee:


Senior Member
Apr 7, 2014
My wife insisted this year (for the first time ever) that I DO NOT send her flowers at work. She said flowers are over priced. :LOL:

So instead, I bought my wife a gift card to get a massage. They were running a special for a 1 1/2 hour massage for $50. Regular price $100. She is thrilled! :D


Well-known member
Apr 1, 2019
Never fails...... every year on Feb 14th I just so happen to be in Walmart around 11:50 p.m ;);) I ALWAYS hear a guys phone ring with the conversation going something like:
"yeah, sorry babe.... well we're still at work but I'll be there soon.........."
Last year I was extremely mischievous and asked customer services say over the loud speakers minutes before midnight that all the Valentine items would be half off in 10 minutes. Right around the time some guy was talking to his honey while browsing what little Valentines items were left waiting for the clock to strike midnight so he could be cheap.......
it went something like this:
ring ring..... ring ring.....
"yeah hey baby".....
"well johnny got off a little later so we're on our way......."
"of course I want to spend Valentines with you! But we had a situation at work and we just got in the car to head over to see you girls....."
"ATTENTION Walmart customers the time is now 11:50 and all our Valentine items will be marked half off in 10 minutes!"
Guys face cringes and looks at the phone shocked she hung up on him :LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::ROFL::ROFL::ROFL::ROFL::ROFL:


Senior Member
Jul 31, 2013

Divination on the lips of the King
(Proverbs 16:10)