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We all are on a journey my friend. Even though it has been a long while I still think about you often. I hope to see a few posts of yours too as I am sure that others have sorely missed you as well. Peeps come and go here, some quit, some get banned but there seems to be a core group that stays the course. God bless you.
Amen. And thank you for the kind words, Sir. I often think of people here too. Always wondering how you and your lovely wife are doing. My path hasn’t been easy by any means, but I’ve seem to have found an amazing light amongst all the darkness going on. Not sure how long I’ll be around CC, (Lots of changesl see), but feel free to PM me to get my info...it’s always good to hear from you whether here or email.
Darlene and I are doing alright and have not really been impacted by the virus. Yes, it has been awhile. God bless you as well.
Hello, Sir
Been a few years?
The journey l was on was well worth it.

Hope all is well with you and the wife.

God Bless
"Let us be glad in the day before us."
~Thought for today~