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You are my unofficial moderator. When you suggest something I listen. And obey. I go overboard sometimes. get carried away. I need someone like you (a respectful communicator) to bring me back in line.
Thank you, I just don't think we need to turn on each other, unless they are a obvious troll, which I have encountered, and he was banned. Your comments usually make me chuckle btw. God bless and don't pass out when I goof up on here, it has happened, lol.
"And, the time is here that hard hearts are more in abundance than ever before
witnessed. And, many make claim of knowledge, but vacant of spiritual discipline."
~Thought for today~
My heart belongs to the only one,Jesus; who loved and gave Himself for me!🙇
"Make no mistake, sharing God's love from the heart, never goes out of style."
~Thought for today~
It is my hope and desiring that your hearts might be full of joy during this season of our Lord and Saviour. It is my prayer that it might never end. (I am thinking of the Joy of the Lord, not the ice and cold:) )