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"Be teachable...you're not always right...:)
'Praise God'
I hope you're doing well, bro! How is life for ya?
Sub and Everlastingarms, I'm giving you both a thumbs up. You both have very good valid points.
Greetings! It's nice to see you here on Christian Chat. I lost you in the chatroom. I went to the site where we met to send you something to help with volume problems here. If it doesn't work, and your phone's media volume was up, maybe contact the user CCStaff to troubleshoot. I just found this in forums also: https://christianchat.com/user2user-tech-support/. Users in chat may help too if you reach out to them
post 2/3 oh, yeah, it's limited how much you can put here at a time....... Reaching out is a BIG step. I would like to caution you though that sadly there are MANY insensitive jerks that hang on this site and make comments, or "chat" among themselves in threads without giving thought to the subject at hand. Don't let them discourage you. There are A LOT of loving helpful people here too............