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"Absents of the Holy Spirit, the 'adversary' shall be the master."
~Thought for today~
Hello sir I was member of cc I got banned from cc please remove my ban i honoring request you please sir 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Hi Alessia😀! I just saw a name I was not familar with and saw that you have been on here much more time signed up wise, but not spent much time here posting.
So, welcome back to the site.
May God bless you with much Fun and Good and Healthy Friendships. With much Fun and Wisdom and every other Beautiful thing here.
Hope to Chat with you sometime😀!
God is perfect, I love how he fills us with Joy. peace,love and understanding. God gives us an understanding of life to live more abundantly. God is more than enough, he blesses us in our spirit. I thank God for eternal life and spiritual things.