2Samuel 16 -- The Equality act and Ahithophel’s advice

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Sep 14, 2020
1 When David had gone a short distance beyond the summit, there was Ziba, the steward of Mephibosheth, waiting to meet him. He had a string of donkeys saddled and loaded with two hundred loaves of bread, a hundred cakes of raisins, a hundred cakes of figs and a skin of wine.

2 The king asked Ziba, “Why have you brought these?”

Ziba answered, “The donkeys are for the king’s household to ride on, the bread and fruit are for the men to eat, and the wine is to refresh those who become exhausted in the wilderness.”

3 The king then asked, “Where is your master’s grandson?”

Ziba said to him, “He is staying in Jerusalem, because he thinks, ‘Today the Israelites will restore to me my grandfather’s kingdom.’”

4 Then the king said to Ziba, “All that belonged to Mephibosheth is now yours.”

“I humbly bow,” Ziba said. “May I find favor in your eyes, my lord the king.”

We have seen something similar to this recently in our political arena, right after Trump office high ranking republicans abandoning him. There were people who never would have been elected had Trump not helped and yet the minute he is gone they are flipping to the other side supporting his being impeached, censored, etc.

5 As King David approached Bahurim, a man from the same clan as Saul’s family came out from there. His name was Shimei son of Gera, and he cursed as he came out. 6 He pelted David and all the king’s officials with stones, though all the troops and the special guard were on David’s right and left. 7 As he cursed, Shimei said, “Get out, get out, you murderer, you scoundrel! 8 The Lord has repaid you for all the blood you shed in the household of Saul, in whose place you have reigned. The Lord has given the kingdom into the hands of your son Absalom. You have come to ruin because you are a murderer!”

We have seen this as well. The accusations that the January 6 riot was insurrection and that Trump and the Stop the Steal rally was guilty of insurrection and murder.

9 Then Abishai son of Zeruiah said to the king, “Why should this dead dog curse my lord the king? Let me go over and cut off his head.”

10 But the king said, “What does this have to do with you, you sons of Zeruiah? If he is cursing because the Lord said to him, ‘Curse David,’ who can ask, ‘Why do you do this?’”

11 David then said to Abishai and all his officials, “My son, my own flesh and blood, is trying to kill me. How much more, then, this Benjamite! Leave him alone; let him curse, for the Lord has told him to. 12 It may be that the Lord will look upon my misery and restore to me his covenant blessing instead of his curse today.”

Many people will tell you about all of Trump’s sins. It may be that all of this that we are seeing happen is in part due to that. My understanding is that he has recently had a conversion experience. He doesn’t talk about it because he doesn’t want that to be another thing for the pundits to attack. But he seems very interested in talking to Mike Lindell about his faith and it sounded to me the way a seeker talks. Was he a sinner? Definitely, no doubt about that. Has he turned to the Lord? Don’t know, only the Lord knows that. What we do know for a fact is he has embraced many Evangelicals and stood up for things we think are right despite the political cost.

13 So David and his men continued along the road while Shimei was going along the hillside opposite him, cursing as he went and throwing stones at him and showering him with dirt. 14 The king and all the people with him arrived at their destination exhausted. And there he refreshed himself.

I like this picture. If you are taking a stand to put a stop to election fraud, or pro choice, or this equality act you will be showered with stones and dirt.

15 Meanwhile, Absalom and all the men of Israel came to Jerusalem, and Ahithophel was with him. 16 Then Hushai the Arkite, David’s confidant, went to Absalom and said to him, “Long live the king! Long live the king!”

17 Absalom said to Hushai, “So this is the love you show your friend? If he’s your friend, why didn’t you go with him?”

18 Hushai said to Absalom, “No, the one chosen by the Lord, by these people, and by all the men of Israel—his I will be, and I will remain with him. 19 Furthermore, whom should I serve? Should I not serve the son? Just as I served your father, so I will serve you.”

Absalom is a narcissist. If you compliment a narcissist, tell them all Israel supports you, that is something they cannot resist.

20 Absalom said to Ahithophel, “Give us your advice. What should we do?”

21 Ahithophel answered, “Sleep with your father’s concubines whom he left to take care of the palace. Then all Israel will hear that you have made yourself obnoxious to your father, and the hands of everyone with you will be more resolute.” 22 So they pitched a tent for Absalom on the roof, and he slept with his father’s concubines in the sight of all Israel.

This is the “Equality Act”. This act makes it the law to allow anyone who identifies as a woman to share the woman’s bathroom, the locker room, to compete on their teams, etc. It is exempt from any Religious exemption, so this will apply to churches and church schools. Someone told me that a boy in high school is not going to join the girls basketball team just so he could be the star. So ask yourself, you are a good basketball player, not good enough to get a scholarship to Duke, but still quite good. However, if you “identified as a girl” you could be a star on the girls basketball team and get a full scholarship to a number of universities, the scholarship could be worth $300,000. Would some boys do that? Also suppose there was a college team, their girls’ team makes millions of dollars a year in revenue. Would they be tempted to visit some kid and tell him they wouldn’t give him a scholarship to their boys team but if he identified as a woman they would give him a full scholarship? There are people who look to make money by suing people. With this law if you were to go into a church building and they refused to let you use the women’s bathroom you could sue them. If the school refused to let you go to their all girls school you could sue them. This law also pays for abortions with tax dollars so every tax payer will now be funding this murder. I heard some people disliked Trump because he didn’t pardon a man on death row who was then executed. They are against the death penalty for a murderer but support the death penalty for sixty million babies and are even going to pay to have those babies killed. Biden’s stance on abortion was crystal clear before the election, the distinction between the two candidates could not have been any clearer. Trump named three pro life judges. If you voted for Biden you voted for this. This is only one example of the kinds of laws Biden and the Democrats are passing and trying to pass to utterly humiliate the Christians in this country.

23 Now in those days the advice Ahithophel gave was like that of one who inquires of God. That was how both David and Absalom regarded all of Ahithophel’s advice.

Sun Tzu, don’t disrespect your opponent. These people got a man who had dementia elected, that is no small feat. If you want to be the champion you have to defeat the champion. Right now we are going up against very shrewd, very wise (in a wicked and evil way) counselors. Just know that they are not wiser than Jesus. He put Satan to an open shame when He was crucified, He did it once, He’ll do it again. Only this time we will be participants in this battle and in this victory.


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Sep 14, 2020
"The concubines" of King David to my understanding would be denominations. Imagine how this law will open the door for these denominations with huge endowments and trust funds to lawsuits. If you have a girls school and try to discriminate against boys coming to your school. On the other hand if you let them come to the school who is going to send their daughter there? If the church tries to have separate bathrooms for men and women they could get sued for that as well. Are these Christians going to pay taxes for abortion? There is no middle ground.
Mar 1, 2021
Thank you for sharing this. It is such a scary but important topic. I truly can't believe this is all happening. The election still feels like a bad dream but it is reality. :(