Laura C

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New member
Dec 13, 2020
Has anyone listening to Laura C? Thoughts??


Senior Member
Jul 3, 2015
Her Laura C website says this of her:

Laura C releases sounds and frequencies from her ascended seat in heavenly places.
Her deepest desire is to release the heart of Yahweh through music, and to encourage
and inspire others to come into the fullness of the unique sounds and frequencies that
accompany their scrolls of destiny. May you be blessed and may His full Shalom transform
and renew you as you engage this music, and the discussions about the restoration of worship.

One of her songs is described as "an interactive ascension encounter with the wholeness and peace of God."

Others say similar things, such as, "Let your Heavenly Father sing this incredibly personal song over you.
So many of us seem to be in a ‘Deconstruction’ process at the moment, and your Father wants you to know
that this fire, is the passion of His goodness. He is deconstructing mindsets, and reconstructing Truth within us."

Or, "spontaneous, musical ascension experience, through the pathway of Intimacy, into the heart of Yahweh."

She mixes more new age speak into her presentations than talk of Jesus or salvation. Is she a professing Christian?

I'd rather listen to this: