Ryan Bomberger Why I won't support BLM

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Jul 9, 2020
Here's a better reason not to support BLM: Survival.

This is how I'm seeing the gameplan unfolding:

1. Get blacks whipped up about every one of their thugs that gets whacked by a cop or anyone who isn't black.
2. Encourage rioting and looting across the country.
3. Make life miserable for police officers in order to get them to quit their jobs.
4. Replace local police forces with a federal police force serving the US Government.
5. Make this new police force be composed of BLM/ANTIFA types that were previously rioting.
6. Roll out this anti-white, anti-Christian "police" force to exterminate anyone to the right of Mao (whites and Christians).
7. Color revolution successful!

My recommendations:
Move out of the cities.
Get out of debt, get your emergency food/water, etc.
Arm yourself.
Start thinking of survival rather than showing off how woke you are.