Everyone was Kong Flu Fighting

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Active member
Feb 18, 2020
Everyone was Kong Flu Fighting
Against a man made virus release dates timing
Small businesses will be removed and the economy brought to the ground
The medical profession pushed past its limits bounds
The secret weapon the Corona virus 7 crowns
One for Confusion another for strife
Next a crown for all the culling of life
One to create famine another to isolate and deceive
To destroy the nations a sixth one is received
The last crown I will take time to discuss
It really is the reason for the other 6 crowns fuss
It involves 7 more agenda’s that will bring about the new rage
Making everyone on earth take the mark of the digital age
A hardening of the hearts all having to have a phone
A social credit system, your character needing to be known
Everyone will be made to follow the rule
People informing on one another and becoming ruthless and cruel
Fear will be used as one of the greater tools
A wise person dies once but it’s a thousand times for each fool
Our true colors will be shown now when we are put to the test
This will be the factor on which the 7th crown rests
Your fate will be sealed on one side or the others line
No more fooling yourself, there is no time for cryin’
Forced inoculations are coming and block chain crypto currencies too
Paper money will be told carries and transmits this deadly Flu
Watch your neighbours you don’t really know if they may be the one
That will be coming for your life and food before this is all done
Don’t trust anyone we’ve all become isolated and stand alone
If you talk to anyone it has to be over the internet or by phone
Telus everything, a veiled cabel
Take the mark or you won’t be able to buy or sell
If you didn’t see this coming your very naive
Were you sleeping while they were putting all the aces up their sleeves?
Who now can make war with this beast and win
To try and go against it will be taught unlawful and is a sin
I’d like to tell you this is all just a bad nightmare
Truth is they’ve come for their fare
The middle class will be gone now only the rich and the poor
Our identities reshaped down to the very core
The ungluing of our society and world unveiled
Life, food, water and soul are all on the scales
Can we pull together as a team?
Or will this be the end of Humanities Dream?
Jun 10, 2019
Hey you be back, still hungry to put a bible spin on this pandemic.

money probably does transmit the virus, it’s paper and metals and moves among the population a lot of hands touch paper money and coins, use your own plastic card it’s probably safer you can clean it wash your hands after use