I dedicate it to all who don't see what this world becoming as their true home.

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Active member
Feb 18, 2020
I woke up this morning and I wrote down this inspired poem.

I dedicate it to all who don't see what this world becoming as their true home.

If the Lord should require you to give up your possessions. would you go against Christ?

If another should try to take your life. would you fear death and choose wrongly in haste?

What is our best use? what is our purpose? How can we be, at this time, for the better of man?

Will we take the time in our lives as our nations fall to help one another to stand?

The population will be dropped in number in a lot of our cities now

The deception of the crystal ball is one of evil's best tricks to convince many to bow.

When artificial life and light is followed by most all watched listened to, and obeyed.

Causing such confusion while they lose their identities, freedoms and many will be slayed.

The People of this world now will be forced to decide....

To follow God, Truth and the Light, or the worlds course, mans wicked inventions and the Devils Lie.

Listen, it is almost time when our true natures will be revealed,

The time of trials where we will be tested and our true identities cannot be concealed.

People this is the place in time that scripture states, 'many would become perverted and lukewarm.”

The time when Satan will be caste down to cause all the Earth to destroy the norm.

It will overwhelm most who have not grounded themselves in their salvation in the Lord.

Bring about laws that take away everyone's freedoms causing division, strife and a raising of the sword.

If fear of the world causes you to bend to its way,

Then it will effect where in eternity you will have to stay.

Don’t wait til tomorrow you have to act today

Drop your stumbling blocks before your judgment day

Give Your life and heart to Christ while you still have the chance

You don’t want to be a puppet to Satan's methods that He makes the world dance

You will be free from the things that binds you, the things that cause you strife

All you have to do is be willing to change, ask Jesus into your heart then let Him guide your life

in Jesus ‘ name Amen