Poem I was working on

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New member
May 17, 2022
Thankful to Yah

People proclaiming their oppressed while lunging in their privilege,
Don't notice how picture perfect their life is because they distorted the image
Cropped in on their problems
Put down the contrast , so inconveniences and catraphies have no difference
Dwelling on our struggles we don't think through on what we are striving for.

Busy carrying self made bagge, our issue we have packaged, we’ve overlooked our own advantage.
Treating the Most High with derision1
Cursing His name who has risen with the breath that He himself has given.
Remember great is alittle with the fear of the Lord
Then having an abundance and still sinning.
Be more grateful for the victories derived from Him than how big the thing is you have to tackle.
Don't say you want freedom while still holding on to your shackles.

I think about persecuted Christians and people in similar situations.
Who are broken, battered, and bruised,
Living in circumstances some couldn't even last one day in,
But they’re persisting in their praying
Onto the God who can give them salvation,
Onto the God who came in flesh to reflex what it meant to what it meant to overcome death even with your bones aching
Onto the Son made man through his death had the world shaken,
And in the midst of their pain it's still His name that they’re praising.

1: derision
de·ri·sion | \ di-ˈri-zhən \
1a: the use of ridicule or scorn to show contempt b: a state of being laughed at or ridiculed : a state of being derided
2: an object of ridicule or scorn