A Book I Never Got to Finish

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Here are three snippets from a book i was writting when i was in college. Soon i may finish it we shall see.

Internet Bullies

Who was Alex?

Alex was only a sixteen year old; she lived in the Hamptons with her mother and father. She was the ‘quiet’ type; she never really had any friends. She was named after her great Grandmother, Alexandria. Alex had her mother’s smile, her father’s eyes, with a realistic imagination. She was unique in her own way, not to mention the way that is uncommon at her local school.

She had a dream, a dream which could last a lifetime. Her head stayed in the clouds, a pure day dreamer. She wanted to be an actress, a famous actress who lives in Los Angeles. She wanted the world, not only the world though she wanted to be happy. Alex was a girl who stayed by herself, shy with a little distance in between her and the rest of the world.

Writing was her strong point, depression was her downfall. She was a happy newborn, hardly gave her parents any problems. Her mom used to come in every hour the first week to check in on her. She would pick her up out of her crib, sit down in her rocker and hum a tune that made Alex smile.

Alex was one to always look towards the brighter things in life. She learned to crawl before her time, her first word was love. With the inheritance of her father’s eyes, she had the prettiest biggest blue eyes anyone has ever seen. Her dream was like non-other dream any of her peers had. It was one of her life achievements, to succeed. That is all she wanted, was to succeed.

She was born with blonde hair, later in life it turned brown. When she first started Kindergarten, her hair was in pigtails. She was clothed in overalls with a sunflower on the front. A red shirt beneath, her smile was pearly white. No cavities in her mouth, she only loved salads. Her childhood was delightful, that was before Kindergarten. She never knew how words can hurt, she was sheltered. Her name with her dad was, ‘my beautiful princess.’

The first day of Kindergarten her dad took her to the classroom. She wrapped her arms around her dad and whispered, “what if the other kids don’t like me?” Her father smiled and stooped down to one knee. “Alex, you have nothing to worry about. If you get scared take this gem and clench it in your fist real tight. It will make you feel invincible.” He placed a small rock in her hand, kissed her on the forehead and walked her into the room.

He introduced himself to the teacher as Alex’s dad. He explained to the Kindergarten teacher about Alex’s fear of being in a new environment. They shook hands and he departed. She was a quiet child in class. Very little friends, no one spoke to her. She always enjoyed reading, even when it was alone in the back of the room. In first grade she went out for minor league soccer.

This was her prime; she enjoyed kicking the ball into the goals. She took her team to nationals, even at this young age. She then adapted the name, ‘Swift Kick Alex’. Around second grade she started coming out of her shell, speaking more, and enjoying everyone’s company. The cute little girl is now becoming popular.

Who was John?

John grew up hard, on the outskirts of New York City. He was a comic book fanatic. John worked odd jobs just to gain money to go to the comic book conventions. John was only seventeen, he was the head of the High School’s a/v club. He loved electronics, even as a baby. He learned how to take his first picture at the age of four.

John’s dad drank; his mom barely had anything to do with them. John was depressed the first day of Kindergarten. No child wanted to play with, “the strange boy”. His comics were his safety from the world at an early age. John was a happy baby, quiet, secured, and loved. The day of his birth his mom was the first to hold him. He has bright brown eyes, hardly any hair, and his dad’s nose. John was their miracle baby. He would have had an older sister, of the age of five. Alcohol was her enemy, as much as her dad.

They had to repaint the nursery from pink and dolphins, to blue and fire trucks. Alcohol is one thing that broke John’s family. No dad or mom walked John to class the first day of Kindergarten. He was dropped off in front of the school. “Go in those doors boy,” his dad said while pointing to the opening.

John walked slowly into the building, he pretending he was going into his lair. It was his only way to make it past the scary clowns on the wall with children’s names on them. He knew from watching television to go directly to the office. He was scared, he hardly spoke. “Name is John,” the receptionist smiled at him. He looked hungry, with rags for clothes.“Did you have anything to eat today?”

He shook his head no; the receptionist took him by the hand and led him to the cafeteria. She stooped down and asked, “What do you like to eat?” John shrugged his shoulders. “Do you ladies have any leftover eggs?” The lady grabbed the left over eggs, and a pint of milk. “Fallow me John.” John was shivering, he had no coat and it was raining out. The receptionist took John back to her office, grabbed a little chair and asked him to sit down.

“It is ok John, you can eat.” The lady never had the idea where John was coming from. The shirt he had on was hiding the bruises on his stomach. John took a bite, his stomach shrieked with pain. John closed his eyes to swallow another bite, than he looked around to try to avoid this lady from seeing him in pain.

In second grade, John was still in the distance with his comics. Comics were his most prized possessions. Only two things John cared about, his comics, and his old rusted radio. He was never asked to play basketball with his peers. They all pointed and said he was too weird. John used to wear a cape, it was an old sheet but to him it was his cape.

He did not need to play with the other children, his comics were his friends. He fantasized he was the super heroes that he much willingly read about.

Who was Janet?

Janet was only fifteen, the rich popular girl. She lived in Philadelphia. She loved life, as it appeared life loved her. They use to call her, ‘the girl with the silver spoon’. She admired the comment, as everyone else in school there were downfalls. She was popular. Her mom and dad enjoyed each other’s company. They were both doctors, both deans listed students.

Kindergarten for her was a pure enjoyment. She was the brunet every little boy adored. She was their Juliet. Her first kiss was at the age of six; her parents never gave much attention to her. She was raised by her nanny, her parents stayed gone twenty three hours of the day. This included holidays, and birthdays.

Although her parents were gone, she had a happy childhood. She always had the ‘million dollar’ smile everyone loved. No one expected her depression; they now know who she really is. The first day of Kindergarten her nanny dropped her off to class. Her smile took the room like a storm. She had the ‘pearly whites’ that shined for hours. Everyone knew who she was; she was a star at birth. Her birth made headlines, ‘The cutest and richest baby in the world’.

Everyone wanted to know her, television cameras fallowed her even at this early age. She came home one day and asked her dad, “papa” she said frowning. “Why do people fallow me around school?” He sat down next to her on the couch. She was reading a famous children’s book. “Well sweetheart, you are more fortunate that most people.” She looked up at him, “fortunate? What does that mean papa?” He held her in his arms, “it means that you have nothing to worry about. You will never be homeless, and will never have a worry.”

She kissed him on the cheek, “I love you papa.” He smiled, “I love you too sweetheart.” She was ‘quick as a tack’. She was a quick learner; she even helped her teachers explain mathematical problems. The silver spoon did suit this young lady, she enjoyed life.

Lol thats just intros


Thats funny lol i mever posted in here but its cool CC musta felt it shoild be in here

God is leading so enjoy everyone!


Well-known member
Nov 24, 2018
i was going to say your writing changed all of a sudden haha.


i was going to say your writing changed all of a sudden haha.
Lol my writting changes alot in many ways.

I ushally always weite whats on my heart. And whats on my heart usually is what God tells me to write these days.

However i have written things just for myself suxh at the above story based line.

I enjoy writting i know its a calling and i plan to use it to the enst of my ability.