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May 5, 2022
The man with his head in his palms wondering how to go home, face His family and tell them the same story of there being no money to feed, the lady sitting down at the second row of the pew watching the man and woman say 'I Do' to themselves while she who is over 30 years of age has not had anyone show any interest of marriage in her, the student wandering how exactly he would face his family if things go wrong in his academics when all has been said and done, and the numerous sacrifices they have made constantly on his mind, the lady holding the palm of her mother even as life ebbs from her, and with no solution in hand, the tired drug addict hoping to one day find a way out of his predicament wandering if he would ever be free, the lady who was molested and now is pregnant with a child and too tired, and thinking that taking her life might be the only sane option, the man with a beaming certificate in his hand, but has continued to live from hand to mouth leaving people thinking he has been cursed, and so many other predicaments... And even you the reader with those challenges weighing you down.
Do you know what we all have in common? We have a need in common. One that is non-negotiable. We all need JESUS. I don't know what question you're asking today, but the answer I tell is JESUS. Keep Seeking Him till He comes through for you.
All will be well eventually.