Hello chefs?

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Senior Member
Jul 3, 2015
Frozen, skinless breasts made for retail grocery chains are FULL of water.
I bought a boneless turkey breast on Friday, marked down about 33%, and cooked it last night at 375 F,
for about 2.5 hours, from frozen. It was not frozen when I bought it, but I just did not know when I was
going to cook it. I put an orange/pineapple juice blend in the pan with it, and covered it with aioli and
a sweet and hot mustard, basting it every once in a while as I checked the temp with a meat thermometer.
When it was cooked to about 165 F or 74 C, I let it sit for a few minutes after taking it out of the oven, and
then removed the netting and cut off quite a slab to have in a chibatta bun. It was yummy!


New member
Mar 30, 2024
I need to get one, next time.
I know it would make my life much easier cause I hate the clean up actually, not the cooking!
Yes! Then up the temp until it’s golden brow
I used yogurt, so that created some water but it tasted really good.
Will the air fryer takeout some of the moisture?
What I ended up doing was I started in the oven and then half cooked it in the air fryer so it kept the moisture in (even the next day!)


Senior Member
Jul 3, 2015
Especially when you need it done fast
One day when I was visiting my daughter and her aunt, I was starting to get quite hungry when Auntie announced she'd just put the chicken on. I immediately thought, oh no! It's going to be an hour before the chicken is ready, but... Auntie continued speaking. It'll be done in 10 minutes, she said. I was flabbergasted. And quite pleased not to have to wait so long to eat LOL
May 13, 2024
Sun flower crusted salmon with a raspberry caper reduction:

For the salmon:
salmon fillets
sunflower seeds
oil/duck fat

toast then lightly crush the sunflower seeds
pat dry the salmon fillets
preheat the oven (400)
press the salmon fillets onto the sunflower seeds (season with lemon, salt)
prepare a hot pan (preferably cast iron, or something that can go into the oven) and add a good oil or duck fat
place the sunflower crusted side of the salmon down into the pan
once it's browned, carefully flip and put in oven to finish cooking

red wine
maple syrup
salt and pepper

in a hot pan add oil, shallots, capers and 2/3 of the raspberries
reduce then add red wine
add next the maple syrup and lemon juice (zest to)
reduce to sauce consistency
finish with seasoning and add the remaining raspberries at the end


Well-known member
Jan 16, 2021
Just a pot roast last night.
Of course I made extra demiglace (brown gravy) for a sauce for some filet mignon later this week for a really nice dinner. (Pastor and his wife are coming)

But it's been awhile since I've had any beef like that....so good! Almost forgot what it tastes like.
I use no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives but get that rich dark brown color by caramelized onions carrots, celery and tomato paste....then a bottle of red wine cooked down to syrup. Then beef stock and roux....cook for two hours and viola! Pot roast and gravy. (Herbs, salt and pepper).

The aroma is over the top good....

Next week the demiglace will be used to make a tomato, thyme sauce....then angel hair pasta with butter&herbs and asparagus. I'd prefer peas but I didn't get any planted this winter. Garden green peas are insanely good....makes you eat the frozen tasteless ones just for the memory.


Well-known member
Jul 7, 2022
Almost Heaven West Virginia
Hello! I am a chef by trade but, I am not opposed to other peoples recipes. My main thing to make is Korean food but, what do y’all got ???
I see you are another Canadian.
I'm from the states, but have been curious to where people are from. There are many Canadians on this forum it seems. I will make a mental note and post some more Canadian comedy. It resembles some of our West Virginia country folk comedy, so that's one connection I've come to appreciate.
Food is another.

I used to enjoy the local Sunday buffet at the Korean restaurant. As a chef, that was probably like fast food reheated from a bag.
The spices, vegetables and textures were very good though. For a town our size, it was a sample of what Korean food might be like.

Here's a chef that I learned about through YouTube this year. His meal preparations and kitchen locations are hard to beat.



Active member
Apr 18, 2024
I don't like to brag, but I seem to be a master at cooking microwaved burrito's without leaving them over or under cooked. Not many can master this dying technique. :cool:


Senior Member
Sep 23, 2014
No muss, no fuss, but alas a lot of cash these days. :cry: