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    Your CC Alter Ego

    Alright, there is one ...... and I'm probably wrong about this, but it's been kinda nagging at me a little. She__is_Legendary reminds me of..... It's because of the Audrey Hepburn pout. She's sneaky like this. The sunglasses? (I'm hiding in plain sight type thing) The SheIsLegendary handle...
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    Does unconditional love or true love exist?

    I love this "he gets loved quietly, from a distance". You still love, but cannot condone your son's craziness. So - is that conditional? Or is it unconditional? You would think that your love is conditional because you're refusing to enable his meat-headedness, but it could also be...
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    How to "pry" without being offensive?!!

    One reason a court hardly ever accepts a written affidavit without a personal appearance is #1 - an inability to cross examine and #2 - and maybe most important is an inability to understand communicative inflection. Say for instance a suspect to a murder is interviewed by police and the...
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    May-December relationships

    I'm no detective, but with all the emoticons floating around and the encouraging words and the one of a kind brilliant smile (that kinda takes my breath away), this has to be SMD! I'm glad you're here!
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    How is your relationship with your parents?

    you're awesomer!
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    How is your relationship with your parents?

    Thanks for your sentiments, but my "running my mother off" was a kind of standing family joke. Every time my dad met a woman he'd always tell me to go hide. (at least I hope it was a family joke...:confused:)
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    How is your relationship with your parents?

    lovecomessoftly (I like to call her oftly) shamed me a little. I don't know that I can explain this well, but my little family was never ever much on expressing our feelings. Especially towards one another. I can assure, though, that under that molehill of expression was a mountain of...
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    How is your relationship with your parents?

    Dad died about 9 years ago. My real mother had me and said "Nope. No. Uh uh. No, uh like NO. and NO. Did I mention NO?" and wasn't in my life. I had a sister that kinda went back and forth between the two and that's why she's chronically fickle. My dad raised me along with an uncle and...
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    What's are the "don'ts" of a first date?

    well that never works.
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    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    That was so sweet it about made me cry!!
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    I met A single mom on Tinder who just started going to a Born Again church for 4 months.

    What can I say Venn. You sound like a good guy. A really good guy. You sound caring and thoughtful, but you also sound like a guy that seems to bring some kind of fault back to your own yourself. Like you take the blame for her acting all squirrely . Or it's your fault for her feeling...
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    No place like home?

    I ran away from home once. I was seven and felt as though my father and I were at an impasse. My plans included making a little coin, so I had that to consider, but once settled I intended to join the French Foreign Legion. My sister and I shared a room at the time and there was a picture...
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    Would The Story of Your Life Be a Best-Seller?

    So chapters 1 thru 98 are the lists and the preface is your life?
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    Red Flags in the church

    BrotherMike - I believe guilt is a kind of two edged sword; the spiritual edge paid by blood and the physical edge paid by consequence. And since I"m a current occupant of both "edges" by faith and by body, it'd probably be wise to recognize both payments. A favorite line from the movie...
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    Red Flags in the church

    Well of course I'm guilty, I'm Catholic after all, but moreover I believe if you are in a church and not convicted by your sin, then you're in a house of devils. If your Pastor preaches politics from the pulpit then you need get away from there. If your salvation is measured by the value of...