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    New :)

    I would love to chat with people but unfortunately it does not support iphone use :/ see you all on the other side I guess
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    Hi :) I am Alicia

    Its okay :) ur still awesome
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    Hi :) I am Alicia

    Oh I dont know that band. I appreciate the effort :)
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    Hi :) I am Alicia

    Not sure I understand your comment lol
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    Hi, fellow Christians

    You might want to try a nondenominational church. Also I think its awesome that you shared your testimony because someone could relate in a way and it could help them :) nice to meet you!
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    Hi :) I am Alicia

    I am Christian of course! I love Jesus so much. I am also a musician, I would love to get to know some people and allow him to use us as vessels!