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    Which is more important looks or personality?

    I'd say both looks and personality are important to me. But as you say, a good looking man or a woman who doesn't have a good personality is unattractive. Appearances are deceptive. Personality is a little more important than looks. I personally tend to be attracted to a funny interesting person.
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    Is it possible that God sends an unbeliever to a believer to marry?
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    Super typhoon

    Yes, Let's pray for US to be protected from a hurricane🙏
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    Super typhoon

    Thank you @Encouragement @stepbystep @levi85 @bojack for praying! I'm safe.
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    Super typhoon

    A super typhoon is approaching southern Japan. Could you pray for protection and our safety, please? Thank you for your attention! God bless you
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    Fear of marriage

    Like @TheIndianGirl does, I have a STRONG fear of being in a bad/unhapp marriage. A fear of domestic violence and cheating. What if my husband turns out to be a violent man after getting married? What if my husband cheats on me? What if he doesn't help me with housework or parenting at all ...
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    When I pray

    It may sound silly but things seem to get worse when I pray for things to get better or strength. It's kind of scary. Should I still pray or should I stop praying? I know we are told to pray without ceasing but I'm scared...
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    [Poll]How do you pronounce "Amen"?

    I noticed that some people pronounce "Amen" like "Ah-men" and some others pronounce like "eimen". How do you pronounce it?
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    questian for those who want children

    Men and women, why do you want children? I'm just curious why so many people want children.
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    Please pray for a Christian friend of mine

    There is a possibility that a Christian friend of mine lose his job due to coronavirus. Please pray for him!
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    I am loosing my job over WHAT

    Praying🙏 May heavenly Father open a new door for you!
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    How to encourage my friend who is stressed out and tired of this quarantine?

    Thank you everyone for the great answers and prayers:) I still don't know how I can encourage the friend of mine without being preachy, though... He has to work from work due to the virus. He's been very busy. As you all said, I believe it is a good time to study Bible or meditate on scriptures...
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    How to encourage my friend who is stressed out and tired of this quarantine?

    My friend is tired of quarantine and stressed out. What can I do for those who are tired and stressed out? How can I encourage? Any ideas?
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    Tough Part of Being Christian

    It's difficult for me to be happy all the time. I know I should be even in hard times and praise God no matter what but it is. And yes, I agree with Lightskin! It is difficult to love arrogant people.
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    Prayer against the virus

    I hope everybody on CC is doing safe and fine and get through this hard time. Let's pray for fellow Christians and the world! Stay safe!