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    really hate my life

    g adn Praying for you umzza! Never give up. I use to be depressed too because of the abuses that I have received. But I know that though the abusers meant it to destroy me, God turned it around and now I am not depressed anymore and am satisfied in Jesus. Yes, not everything is perfect in my...
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    I am sharing the Gospel...

    I am sharing the Gospel with people on the streets of the city where I am living in. Please pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the love for the people, boldness, and wisdom. The guidance of the Holy Spirit is obviously needed. I need to grow in love (Godly love) for the people I am living...
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    Discipleship in India

    What is the best discipleship curriculum or method for Indian believers?
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    Pray for brother Yogesh Marriage

    Praying for your request.
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    I need prayer

    Praying for you!
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    Prayer for decision

    Praying for you!
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    WMSCOG neighbours from South Korea

    I have been living in my current rented apartment since March 2018. I am from a church that is known as Church of God. I am in this city and state for church planting (not sheep stealing! :)). My church is evangelical, conservative and continuationist with regards to Holy Spirit's gifts and...
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    Why the New is better than the Old

    I agree, we need a prayer emoji
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    If homosexuality is a sin, then why didn't Jesus say anything about it?

    Jesus never said anything about slavery either. (I'm sure there are also other issues that Jesus did not address directly during the time of His bodily incarnation here on earth.) But that does not mean that He affirmed* slavery. That does not mean He believed that certain men may take slaves...
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    Prayers for a Big Life Change

    Prayed for you!
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    Prayed for you!
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    What was meant by the author of Ecclesiastes 7:15-18?

    I am reading currently reading Ecclesiastes. What was meant by the author of Ecclesiastes 7:15-18?
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    Pray for Shillong

    Thanks, everyone, for your prayers.
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    Pray for Shillong

    Yes, for peace and solution to the problems
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    Pray for Shillong

    Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya, a state in North East India. It is inhabited by tribal majority and 60-80% are Christian. There is also sizable population of non-tribal people. Last week some tribal teenager boys were badly beaten up by non-tribals at a sweepers colony because of a...