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  • "Many are lost, and make up their own 'sanctuary', out of contempt and distortion of the truth.
    And, so convincing that many others become lost, and away from the Spirit of God."
    ~Thought for today~
    "A debate shall only be considered useful, whenever a purposeful objective is fully agreed upon."
    ~Thought for today~
    "There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance -
    -- that principle is contempt prior to investigation."
    ~Thought for today~
    "You, however, are not in the realm of the flesh but are in the realm of the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God lives in you. And if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, they do not belong to Christ."
    ( Know this, and know it well! )
    ~Spiritually Inspired~
    "A mother can melt a heart of stone...or turn a heart to stone. God's mysteries are just that...a mystery."
    ~Thought for today~
    "Let us be reminded, testimony from the heart...priceless."
    'Praise God'
    "Let us be in remembrance of God's bring about a cause of 'brotherly love'."
    ~Praise God~
    “With real faith we can defeat defeat."
    ~Thought for today~
    "Love, let us be ever mindful...this requires commitment and perseverance, and that
    there are changes required for any hope of a compatible and lasting relationship of a marriage."
    ~Thought for today~
    Good morning, Bingo. Just wanted to say that I always appreciate the encouragement you give to others here. Hope you and your family are safe and that you have a very blessed day. :)
    "Thank you for being you. God Bless you and family."
    "We can stop waiting for others to give us what we need and take responsibility for ourselves.
    And, in doing so we often find a new freedom of self."
    ~Thought for today~
    "And, should the heart experience a spiritual 'awakening'...then shall the Holy Spirit come alive...within."
    ~Praise God~
    "Good judgement comes from experience.
    And experience?...Well, that comes from poor judgement."
    ~Quote for the day~
    "Self inflicted misery or unhappiness should be attended to by the one that imposed this."
    ~Thought for the day~
    "Don’t let Yesterday take up too much of Today."
    ~Thought for today~
    "And, any attempt whatsoever, to pervert, and/or, to alter the 'purpose' of the Divine 'teachings'...
    has been deemed to bring cause of...harmful worldly imagination, leaving multitudes....with their
    own self centered self-justification, and vacant of an essential 'spiritual awareness'...and, this too
    has been told a 'great falling away from God'....To Be."
    ~Thought to ponder on ~
    "Fear of truth drives many to an unstable emotional breakdown. And, often brings cause
    of aggressive attitude and behavior, having a lose of self-control often brings grave consequences."
    ~Thought for today~
    "And, it is not uncommon, that many rearrange and pollute the purpose of the Divine 'words'."
    ~Thought for today~
    "Stubbornness and contempt shall forever hinder the 'heart' from spiritual 'awareness'."
    ~Thought for today~
    "Self discipline requires a focus on our spiritual maturity."
    ~Thought for today~
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