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    ~Prayer Message Today~

    "Let us pray to understand, the Holy Spirit within, shall be considered an inner 'illumination' of God's inspiration in guiding our lives to live accordingly, and to know to 'act upon' God's 'principles' of life, here in the now. And, let us pray to fully understand, the gift of the Holy Spirit...
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    ~Today's Inspiration~

    "Words of profound significance from...'this side of the glass' 'Praise God'
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    ~Prayer Message Today~

    "Let us pray to know the wonderful spiritual revelations to be found by those who are striving to live the spiritual life. For those who walk with God in spirit shall discover a renewed life, here in the now." 'Amen' 'Praise God'
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    ~Chuckle for the Day~

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    ~Prayer Message Today~

    "Let us pray to be ever mindful...we ALL have failed miserably in the purpose, God so intended... in retrospect, pertaining to the depth and gravity of Jesus Christ 'teachings'. The inherited character flaw of free will, being those of a sound mind, has left us with ones own 'worldly thinking'...
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    ~Chuckle for the Day~

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    ~Chuckle for the Day~

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    Toxic fam members

    "Often we must earnestly pray for acceptance of things we can't change. And, we must learn to change the things we can change. Perseverance, I have learned shall be essential in our daily lives. Merely dwelling on difficulties, often magnifies circumstances that may be attended to with simple...
  9. My Beautiful America - The Charlie Daniels Band (Official Video) - YouTube

    My Beautiful America - The Charlie Daniels Band (Official Video) - YouTube

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    Prayer Request - Wrestling With Depression After Breakup

    "Personal 'heartaches' may often turn ones life upside down, leaving untold emotional instability. Experience may be a grim reality, but it plays out a different course in different sum it of life's unpleasant 'happenings'...been there! My 'heartache' shock, took place some...