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    New and looking for online church family

    Hello, welcome I was reading the post, I think your more of a teacher than your letting on. Stay Positive.
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    Hello, I'm new

    Welcome I'm also new here, stand strong God's got ya.
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    Two Abortions and No Regrets:

    So I'm looking for the perfect group? MY COMPLAINT WHATS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE ON THIS SITE WHO CHOOSE TO BELITTLE OTHERS WHO ARE DESPERATELY IN NEED we are all God's kids but some seem to think their are better because they have already begun their walk with the lord while others are still...
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    What do you believe and why do you believe it?

    If you do one thing on this site PLEASE FIND GOD.
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    Why do so many Christians end up in Hell?

    You hit the nail on the head, as long as your a true believer you will know it's only a shadow.
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    Why do so many Christians end up in Hell?

    I love when you guys respond like this saves me the typing.
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    Thanks that's some fancy graphics, nice to wake up to.
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    Why don't ya just try both? and then make your minds up and don't worry about the traditions of men, { all the little rituals they feel they need to preform, it's not their house, it's Gods} and listen to what is being said about God. I have a little rule of thumb when deciding if the person...
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    Two Abortions and No Regrets:

    Thank You for your response I have been reading everyone's responses and have been pondering bailing on this group, like I said before I'm thick skinned but I can't condone this type of behavior, once again THANK YOU for being the voice of WISDOM, and Thanks for typing it all out for me I went...
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    What do you believe and why do you believe it?

    I don't believe, I KNOW. My question to you is are you a ninja Christian or just a lost soul?
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    Thanks I'm also a fan of orange kitties, My orange kitty is 16 yrs old maybe, I should seek advice from him.
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    I sure hope and pray also we all need a place where we can be understood and not judged and hopefully share or help a fellow human.
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    Jesus was setting and example for man to follow, I don't consider showing a fellow human compassion as a service, I do it out of love, that's what Jesus taught me with this parable.
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    Bill Gates Funding Attempt To Stop Climate Change By Dimming The Sun

    Well Sign me up, I've got 4 of the lil monster's and 2 of their doglike bros, we would plenty of kibble if Bubba {dog} would stop fat kidding it.