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    What are families doing about education and school closings due to COVID-19?

    We've always homeschooled so no adjustments needed on our part. A great FREE math site is Khan Academy.
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    Best board games

    My family loves board games: Settlers of Catan Agricola Quiddler Seven Wonders Pandemic Above and Below Bohnanza Puerto Rico Chess And my boys like the card game: Killer Bunnies
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    How many of you have seen miracles? Let's share our stories!

    My friend's daughter recently got married. It was a simple affair. They decided to have a "soup and bread" potluck. Well, two of the five families assigned to bring a big pot of soup flat-out forgot. There wasn't enough food for all the guests. My friend and another of her daughters went and...
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    Need Advice

    Try a mustard poultice on your chest.
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    How big is your family ?

    Our friends are pretty well off, financially. They have a HUGE house and lots of bunk beds. I think they were in their 20's when they started having kids. We had to build a triple bunk for our boys. We also have bunk beds for the girls. All our kids have their own beds. I'm glad we have...
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    How big is your family ?

    We're expecting baby #8. We have friends who have 13 biological kids.
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    How big is your family ?

    Yup. Bunk beds. My husband also made a triple bunk for the boys' room.
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    new computer brain implants

    Huh. Learned something new! Thanks!;):giggle:
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    Democrats Change Mind On Border Wall

    I've heard the wall Rome built was successful for it's time. Though they also had armed soldiers every, what, 200-300'?
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    new computer brain implants

    You know, there are some things about the internet that I really appreciate. For example, I met my husband through a Christian site. However, there have been times that we've decided to totally shut down or put away the computer and the internet. We will not be able to do that if we had a chip...
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    new computer brain implants

    Oh, and this subject reminds me of an old song by Petra:
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    new computer brain implants

    I think this will morph from a way to help disabled people, to a way to control the military. Might even become a "required" surgery that, if refused, will prevent folks from buying or selling. I don't like it.
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    Praying in dreams - my dreams read them translate them

    I've had a dream (several times, at different points in my adult life) where I'm back at the home I grew up in. We had 3 cats when I was growing up. One was an obese calico named Fred. In this dream Fred walks into the kitchen and just looks at me. I suddenly realize she supposed to be dead...
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    Should a Christian get a Tattoo?

    Can you just have it removed? They do that now, right?
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    3 year old Kentucky toddler found alive

    I think the point was that Jesus's parents looked for him and didn't give up looking. That's what parents do. The father in this article looked for an hour and then called the police (I would do the same) but then it sounds like Daddy went home and just waited (which I, personally, could never...