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    Today’s church’s misunderstandings

    Blik you are right but you are preaching to a crowd that will strongly reject your understanding because they only want to maintain a simple basic understanding.
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    What is "youth"?

    20 Years old is the age where your sins are not only 100% upon your souls account but you also pay the full consequences of your sins.
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    Returning to do the Lord's Work

    Helllo! Do girls really like cats alot? If so, why?
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    First Grade Gender Pronouns

    Start going to private school and pray that you are worthy that G-d will provide the funds :)
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    When Jesus 'broke the rules'

    1. You will first have to learn Hebrew then the Talmud to understand anything that’s going on between the Pharisees and Jesus. 2. Pharisees includes both righteous G-d fearing Jews and also corrupt Jews. But because they were leaders and some were heretical Jesus had rebuked them. For we know...
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    Discussion on the End Times

    Maybe some wine and popcorn. I really could use that.
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    The devil’s attitude towards the commandments of God

    Binyan Binyamin....there is no point in trying to continue. It is pointless. But I understand clearly. :) I just wanted you to know that someone does understand. Have a great week! (Just note: The Torah was given to Israel, never the nations, so regardless Non Jews never and will never have to...
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    The devil’s attitude towards the commandments of God

    If Jesus broke the law then that equal and sin and he certainly did not sin he was perfect!
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    The sin of refusing sex

    Is this still a topic? LOL
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    The wind goeth where it listeth...

    Good Answer! 10 Points! :)
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    Having A Go At Genesis

    Are you Jewish?
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    A way I found to remove plaque from my teeth

    Awesome advice! Thank you very much!