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    What are you listening to?

    yet to watch that movie. bgm is enjoyable.
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    What are you listening to?

    This is a BGM composed by Ilayaraja. Fits very well for Rocky training montage.
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    New Life

    I'm sorry for your loss. I pray that God gives you the strength you need everyday to live life and heal the wounds. I have sleeping disorders too. I try to switch off the lights and lie down even if I am not sleepy in the night. Music helps to doze off. Or a podcast where people keep talking...
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    Very General; What it Takes to Have a Good Marriage

    Where I come from, it's money I guess. You all have to forgive me if you think I'm cynical. But that's how people marry these days. I'm saying this out of the experience I've had living life in this world. It's either money or convenience. I mean, gone are the days when women married men even...
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    Are Christian women allowed to teach their sons the scriptures ?

    I was introduced to Jesus by my mother. She thought me and laid the foundation of my faith in God. 34 years in this world and I still stand firm in my faith by God's grace. No preacher has ever instilled in me faith in God like my mother has. Both through words and deeds throughout her life. As...
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    About the book of job Chapter three

    What you say is true. Sometimes you do have a person you can talk to. Sometimes, you don't. God is always there to approach for His children.
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    About the book of job Chapter three

    That's true. We do need that strong relationship with Jesus. I relate to the book of Job a lot because I've suffered a lot in my life. And I've often pondered over the conversation of Job and God's reply and the dialogue with his friends. I've read the book of Job when I was a kid and I know...
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    About the book of job Chapter three

    I read the book of Job and finished reading it a few days back. I may have read the book of Job a couple of times before. It's the account of a man who has lost everything and is hopeless yet refuses to put blame on God for what has happened to Him. Instead, in that time of frustration he starts...
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    Indian food!

    I think you mean, Idly, dosa. You misspelled Idly as Imili. Idly is like small cakes made of rice flour. Dosai is like in the shape of pizza,except it is thinner and made of rice flour. Dosas are crisp. Idlies are soft. Both Idly and Dosai go well with Chutney, Sambar, Molaga podi,etc. Good...
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    What are you listening to?

    Yes. I grew up listening to those songs. We had it in cassettes. Not even CDs. I have heard the CDs were out at that time but it was quiet expensive I guess. At least that's what my parents told me at the time. Glad that plenty of these songs are now on Youtube and Spotify. Yes, Hosanna music...
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    Marriage Advice Please

    I'm sorry to hear this is happening in your life. Jesus does expect us as Christians to take up our cross and follow Him everyday. When you married your husband, you would have said,"In good and bad, In sickness and in health." I think those are the marriage vows. Vows made before God. A...
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    For insomniacs and those who have trouble sleeping in the night

    I practice Tai chi, so I know the what the weight of the arms can do. I sort of understand what you mean. In fact, I do stretch my arms out some days while lying down and pray. I'll try this. Thank you friend :)
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    For insomniacs and those who have trouble sleeping in the night

    I still have sleep issues. I'm coping with it. All these inputs do help when I read them. It's like a phase for me. It comes and goes. I have to get ahold of my life and find enough rest to live the life I want to live. Keeping awake night time is not good for the body or the mind. Thanks again...