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    Lets laugh together!

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    I am very sad you have had unpleasant experiences. I think Lynx said it best. It does feel awful when someone is unkind. Please do focus of the kind ones, on the funny ones. It is a darkened world we have so keep on shining your light.
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    When people get the wrong idea about you

    lol I am a visual thinker and the image of you and your neighbours sneaking in veggies that she doesn't like is hilarious. That is great!
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    Would Uriah's House in Heaven Be Right Next to King David's? (And What Would You Say to David if You Were Uriah?)

    Dear Seoulsearch, I so appreciate you. You open yourself up even when it hurts or the answer isn't apparent. For me, one of the things I am most looking forward to in heaven is that I will finally be who I was meant to be before sin. I will be renewed and restored. I can't tell you how much I...
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    When people get the wrong idea about you

    My best friend and I frequently talk about attitude of the heart being what is most important. Sometimes she will tell me something and instead of just listening I might start spouting ideas. I will usually catch myself and stop. I will apologize and say I hope I haven't overstepped or offended...
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    Ask the user below you a question

    I am not good with small talk. I love to explore ideas or laugh but conversations about stuff, social status, and diets bore me to tears. I get restless. I am particularly bad with complainers. I am good with people looking to solve problems, but if you start trash talking your spouse I will...
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    The Name Game......

    Brenda Russell Brenda Russell (née Gordon; born April 8, 1949) is an American singer-songwriter and keyboardist. Russell has a diverse musical style which encompasses pop, soul, dance, and jazz. She has received a sum of five Grammy nominations altogether.
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    The Name Game......

    Bruce Lee I would have added a photo but most of them were topless so I didn't want to induce fainting or vapors in any delicate viewers. :)
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    The Name Game......

    Did we both just post "David Cassidy" at the same time? That is so random!
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    The Name Game......

    David Cassidy
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    Last person to post wins!!!

    And the battle between Blessed by God and Brother Mike revs up. Oh, and I win, but still, this is good.
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    Last person to post wins!!!

    Yoda challenges your win
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    Random game.

    coins a phrase
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    The Name Game......

    Quincy Jones -Just wanted to throw this in. a Facebook post talking about the passing of Bill Graham Quincy Jones March 1, 2018 · Man, it’s still so heartbreaking to hear about the passing of a legend, Billy Graham, but I find peace knowing how great of an impact he made on our world. I was...
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    Catfishing in "Reverse" -- Is It Just As Wrong?

    I understand people holding back on divulging their financial status. If certain questions are asked too early, I think that that is a red flag. I male friend of mine met a lady online and they decided to go for coffee. Some of the first questions she asked were, "So what part of town do you...