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    Biblical Femininity

    this is a great question. there are all kinds of holy women in the Bible with differing personalities. Hannah was one of two wives, and the other wife had children, but she did not. Her husband tried to comfort her, but she wanted a baby and went to the temple prayed and prayed, with tears of...
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    I want to be social but I dont want to be

    years ago, there was a man who was my neighbour's brother-in-law, who asked me out to dinner. Unfortunately, I accepted and after that I could not get him to leave me alone. He would show up at my doorstep un announced, call me and leave progressively angrier messages, and he would tell me I...
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    Oh noooo Godsgirl, now I have that jingle in my mind!
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    Hi! I am a newbie from North Carolina

    Hi and welcome. I visited your beautiful state last month.
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    Our CC family: HURTING vs. HELPING

    I am not trying to change the op thread but would like to add: I totally agree with you, kaylagrl! I do not like to offend anyone, and have gotten myself into terrible situations- one which, after 40 years still gives me great anxiety, and I cannot talk about it- because I didn't listen to my...
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    Are you are middle child?

    I am the second of 4 girls, but my younger sisters are identical twins. Our mother always said it is as though I am the middle child, because I have many traits of the middle child. The man I am seeing is also a middle child, and we have many of the same social traits.
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    Are you are middle child?

    Magenta, Twins totally facinate me, my younger sisters are identical twins, and they are intensely close. My older sister always wanted me to be her twin.... she still does, and we are over 60 😊
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    The theory of evolution doesn't make any sense. At what point did creatures develop eyes or ears or mouths? their brains would need to have the ability to use all of these at the same time they were evolved. It could not have been a slow progression.. and did they develop any of their limbs...
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    Ohm, in all the millions of fossels found, in every continent in the world, they still have not found the missing link. They have said they have, but each "missing link" turns out to be a hoax. There is such a thing as "adaptation" but there is no evolution. Evolution doesn't make any...
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    Marriage vows

    Lanolin, yes when you say your wedding vows, it is a very serious vow. That is why marriage is sacred. The marriage certificate is proof of the marriage, but, no it doesn't have the vows written on it. Unfortunately, there are other ways of breaking a marriage vow than adultery. The vows...
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    It’s a Great blessing to be Christian and encourage all other people who find it very hard to love God.... Jesus ❤️ U

    Hello Moses, welcome to christian chat. I am so happy I found this site, and I am sure you are too.
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    old as dirt- good, because I often wonder if I am the eldest person on the forum. Have fun here, and keep up your lovely sense of humor
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    I feel new.. returning after 5 years

    How nice you have returned. see you in the forums!
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    Bible on Moon:50 Years Ago Today America's Apollo 11 Landed the First Humans on the Moon By the Science of Devout Christians

    I do not believe they landed on the moon, they did not, nor do they have now, the technology. And, in the television broadcast of the so called moon landing, Nixon made a long distance phone call to Neil Armstrong and talked to him. The moon landing did not happen, just like evolution did...
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    Need Fellowship and Conversation

    Hi Inukubo, It sounds as though you are burnt out. I am sorry you feel so alone, even in your marriage. Welcome to the forum, I hope you find friendship here.