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    till death do us part...BUT divorce is unacceptable??

    The reason why Im asking this is because I'm in a bible study group and we were talking about marriage and divorce and what I have heard is that divorce is unacceptable to God. If so, should i continue on with this marriage 'till death do us part?'
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    till death do us part...BUT divorce is unacceptable??

    what does God think about divorce? does he accept it? should I continue on with a marriage that is chaotic? why should i continue on living with a person who does not accept me, love me, and cares for me??
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    mark 9: 42-48

    is it jesus talking here? what is this article really mean? what is it talking about?
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    were there dinosaurs before God created Earth?

    on Genesis 1: 2, were dinosaurs even exist when the earth was dark and formless? is the earth a billion years old before Adam and Eve came to Earth? where did the fossils of the Dinosaurs come from? Where they killed when God created earth or during Noah's time?
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    Mathew 5: 21-26

    my dad was reading the bible and he wants to know what this chapter (Mathew 5:21-26) is trying to say? So, he has some question. 1. what are we suppose to do? do we go to the court or just sit in church and pray? 2. TODAY, what is the right way to clean our sin? the alter or going to justice?
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    Does God accept organ donor and blood transfusion?

    I have always wonder if God accept giving blood tranfusion and organ donor to someone in need?
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    Mark 8:31 & 9:1 question

    Mark 8:31 Why are the high priest the one to kill Jesus? Is there another reason why they crucified Jesus? I know that they were jealous, but theres got to be another reason for it. Mark 9:1 what does Jesus really mean when he said " some of them will never die and see the kingdom of God."
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    1. How many years did it take for king Solomon to build his first temple? 3. How many times was the temple rebuild? 4. How many temple were there? anyone know the answers to my question? I need help please, thank you
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    On 1 timothy 6:11-21 it says that they took Timothy with them and left him in charge of the church in Ephesus. But on his second journey,it says that they did not stop at Ephesus but went straight to Macedonia. My question is when did they leave Timothy in Ephesus because it does not say on...
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    1 Timothy 6: 11-21 ( i need help to understand this chapter)

    What is this chapter trying to explain? (In a short brief summary) also, on Paul second journey, when he left Timothy at Ephesus, where was Paul when he wrote the letters to Timothy?
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    Luke 11:29-32 and Isaiah 19:19-22

    Luke 11: 29-32 What is Jesus trying to Explain to the people at this time? what is he trying to say? Isaiah 19: 19-22 i need help on this chapter.what is Isaiah trying to say on this chapter?