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    Have you ever been catfished?

    I had a very similar situation on IG. I knew from the start he wasn't "Thomas" , but i continued the short conversation for a little bit until I got sick and he sent me a voice message to check on me and his voice was very clearly Nigerian. I called him out on it.. had a long talk and he...
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    I want to love more.

    This has become a thing in the past year or so for me as well..... I think the thing that gets me is I've never had alot of personal time in my whole life and now that I realize it as a need in my own life I guess I sometimes feel like it doesnt matter as much as other peoples needs. Theres been...
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    Stirring the pot

    If you dont stir the pot once in a while ... it'll stick to the bottom. :p
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    Lets laugh together!

    [QUOTE="Kojikun, post: 4124508, member: man that video made me laugh so hard
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    The Name Game......

    Michael Phelps
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    Why are you single?

    I think you missed my whole point sis. Oh well. Merry Christmas.
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    Why are you single?

    Worshipping the Lord isnt the same as wanting to hold the hand of someone you love.... its not about needing your hand held , its about being close with your love. If its childish to want that.... then I'll gladly call myself a baby . Lol
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    Lets laugh together!

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    Lets laugh together!

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    Why are you single?

    Why am I single? Why not ?
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    [TEASER THREAD] This Christmas, I gave you my heart, the very next day, you..........

    Last Christmas I gave you my heart and the very next day you texted me "K".
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    Best Christian Books You Have Read....(other than the Bible)

    Thorn in My Heart Book by Liz Curtis Higgs Beloved Leah Book by Cynthia Davis
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    When the Grinch really stole Christmas!!....

    I've given a few weird things... I got this for my older brother a while back. A nice fanny pack...