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    Hello. I am new in here.

    Hi there welcome to CC !
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    the help

    I don't mind helping, I don't personally like asking for help.
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    Things NOT to say on your first date....

    You do have life insurance , dont you?? Never know when an accident might happen...:)
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    Mask On 🤭

    Ok here it is...fuzzy hair and all.
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    Name something......

    That if you follow the magic formula courtship + being pure at wedding = fairytale life with your spouse. They forgot to mention that people make choices that can really screw that up. I know alot of broken families with one spouse left in tears trying to raise a family while the other is off...
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    How we met

    Now this I could get on board with ...whatta ya say ladies ???
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    Name something......

    Hi there. I know this wont apply to everyone, but some of us have experienced this in our lifetime and thats who this thread is asking for answers from.
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    How we met

    Ahhhhh...this story... it seems so...familiar ;)
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    How did y'all meet?

    Since my " How did we meet " thread went over pretty well...I'd now like to hear how y'all met...except make it a lie and make it a good one!
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    Random game.

    Brothers :P
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    Are you made for marriage?

    I think If the right person comes along to claim me, that He and I together with help from the Lord could make something lovely work.
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    How we met

    Dang.... trying to make me sound mean.... lol shame !
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    Things NOT to say on your first date....

    Whats your credit score ?
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    Bye Felicia

    When you see something majestic you can just be like.... Oh my goodness ...thats totally Pipp! Jk. I couldn't think of anything else at the moment.
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    (Potentially) Profound Thoughts

    I 100% agree! Good stuff.