I am lost in a world of conflicted ideas, looking for other real Christians
to pray with, fellowship with an communicate with

My world is deeply "artistic" - like most (misled) "Artsy" types my friends are Pagan, Atheist, etc..Its a desert, I have abandoned them and in search of a new world of believers, I have been deeply disappointed by our local
(Hipster/Social Justice) churches, disgusted to be honest. But am on a quest to find my fellows. Do you agree with Augstine? C.S. Lewis? and can Camus rise a deeper interest in the absurdity of life and direct path to the absurdity of the Cross? Do you wonder ? Are you hungry for truth? Is Dostoevsky the kind of Christian you happen to be? Are questions as good as answers to you? Then you may be one of my lost tribe members. I am looking for other lost sheep, to form a pack, to strengthen my walk. Are you there ??
January 4
Marital Status
not married
Spiritual Status
When saved
Country Flag/Nationality
Country (Location)
United States
Favorite Bible Verse
John 3:16
Christian - sola scriptura- Disagree with Luther on Communion, Charismatic


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