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    Friday Pleaseee

    Take it one day at a time. There is Wednesday and Thursday and then Friday.
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    Random game.

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    Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens....

    Iced coffee is good, i told a work mate that i like it and he said yuck, eee. It depends how i am feeling its just like one time i can go up a ladder scared the next day i can go up the same ladder like a soldier.
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    Would you ask your future spouse to sign a prenup?? (Poll)

    To me it really depends on the person. If shes very needy and wants me to be the provider, i would not because she might be in it for the money. If shes more liberal and is very supportive and we gel well together and i have a friend for life then i guess i would let her have money if we split...
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    God Who Listens (Audio) ft. Thomas Rhett - Chris Tomlin (Lyrics)

    Even Gods sovereign will work in our favour if we trust in him.
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    Music with a message I want to share.....

    Music is very powerful, i use it to relive stress as a method to overcome my doubts, nice tune by the way.
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    Do you still buy music?

    I do sometimes and other times i download. I never buy game theme tunes. I dont think that its required.
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    Never heard of it, put up a video of what you think is best.
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    I like Hillsong. Listen to Kent Henry too. I like the old fashioned melodies.
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    Smile...God is working

    Kirk Franklin has some good music, i like imagine. There is the one he did with Donnie mcclurkin ooh child.
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    gotten really into reggae

    Reggae is relaxing and so calm in its melody. I dont listen to much of it though. No woman no cry, is powerful i believe that.
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    Watch this latest song ''Delete'' by Josie K

    The dancing is good, and the tune is okay, the lyrics are good, the video was well put together. I think there should be a bigger vocal range though in the singing. Strong message.
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    Misheard and misunderstood song lyrics

    That happens a lot for me with early 90s songs.
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    What are you listening to?

    In the End linkin park.